Thriller - Live

Lyric Theatre
Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Previewed: 2 January 2009
Opened: 21 January 2009
Closes: 26 April 2020

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Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus

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Show times
Monday no show
Tuesday at 7.30pm
Wednesday at 7.30pm
Thursday at 7.30pm
Friday at 7.30pm
Saturday at 4.00pm and 8.00pm
Sunday at 3.30pm and 7.30pm

Runs 2 hours and 30 minutes including one interval

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Thriller - Live

Celebrate the music of Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 with Thriller Live in London following three acclaimed UK tours and standing ovations across Europe.

Celebrating the Undisputed King of Pop! Thriller Live promises to be a spectacular, high octane show celebrating the career of the world's undisputed King of Pop - Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5. The show is fully backed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK and marks the first Jackson's dedicated live theatrical experience ever!

To bring to life on stage the sensational dancing and distinctive sound of the Jackson's greatest hits, this production includes multi-media special effects and choreography by the shows award-winning director Gary Lloyd (who has worked with artists including Leona Lewis, Will Young, Robbie Williams, Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud), plus additional choreography by 5 times MTV award-winning LaVelle Smith Jnr. Gary Lloyd's London credits include Flash Mob (Peacock Theatre 2012 and 2014).

When this production opened Charles Spencer in the Daily Telegraph highlighted that this "is a glitzy concert of song and dance," explaing that "the show works well. What most people like best about back-catalogue musicals is the medley of big hits at the end, and in this show the hits just keep on coming... Gary Lloyd, who doubles as director and choreographer, keeps the energy level at fever pitch almost throughout, and his dance routines are spectacular," concluding that this show "offers a great night out." In the Independent Michael Coveney hailed it as being "great stuff" that is "all laid down with tremendous funk and fusion of lights, sound and dance moves." Julie Carpenter in the Daily Express thought that "if you can get past the occasional sincere pronouncement on how Michael is 'a visionary and a storytelling genius', then this is a hugely enjoyable, gloriously upbeat, high-energy show," saying that "high points include a slickly choreographed Smooth Criminal and a jokey tribute to the famous Thriller video, complete with werewolf face mask, pyrotechnics and all manner of dancing zombies." Fiona Mountford in the London Evening Standard said that "there is, without doubt, a musical to be written about Michael Jackson... Unfortunately, Thriller Live is not that musical. It is instead a concert performance by a number of 'lead vocalists' and astoundingly agile dancers... It's a slick package all right, with costume changes galore, strobe lighting and video projections on a weirdly pointillist screen... Thrilling, certainly, but empty, too." Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail wrote: "Thriller, a title open to debate, is an evening of remorseless, high-velocity, tribute-act pop songs devoted to the oeuvre of Michael Jackson. If Jacko's music is your obsession, you may well enjoy it... Fans will find this clattering noisefest an exuberant blast. Others may consider it trite and tiresome." Sanjoy Roy in the Guardian explained that "even as a tot, Michael Jackson was supremely gifted performer - both as a singer and a dancer - and this tribute, however well intended, inevitably pales by comparison. As if unsure of its own worth, Thriller Live keeps reminding us of Jackson's: record-breaking sales figures flash on a video screen, and singers - sounding oddly like museum guides - break off between numbers to tell about his achievements." Benedict Nightingale in the Times commented that "by moving almost entirely chronologically through the career of an artist who peaked 25 years ago, however, the show goes into freefall in the years beyond 1983. The absence of production values does little to paper over the deficit. And yet, Jackson's real story- part fable, part tragedy - is fascinating. Sadly, it isn't even hinted at."

"The decision to stage a Michael Jackson tribute show might have been a bit off the wall, to borrow one of his titles, after the unfortunate incidents that have plagued him in recent years. Rather wisely perhaps, Thriller Live ignores all personal matters and sticks to unashamed musical sycophancy in two-and-a-half hours of unquestioning homage to the prince of pop. The show goes on for far too long; few of the performers can squeal, swivel, moonwalk and tip their trilby with Michael's astonishing and effortless cool and none of the singing is a patch on the real thing. But that may be just as well, for it serves to highlight how gifted Jackson was... [It] is copy-cat stuff but dazzlingly well-drilled and brilliantly done, down to the last sequin on the cummerbunds of those white jumpsuits so beloved of the Jacksons." The Mail on Sunday

Thriller Live in London previewed from 2 January 2008 and opened on 21 January 2009, and closes on 26 April 2020.