Three Days of Rain

Previewed 30 January 2009, Opened 10 February 2009, Closed 2 May 2009 at the Apollo Theatre in London

A major revival of Richard Greenberg's play Three Days of Rain in London starring James McAvoy and Nigel Harman

Walker Janeway and his sister Nan reunite for the reading of their father's will in the Manhattan loft where he lived. A wealthy architect, Ned's legacy is the iconic, internationally renowned 1960s New York house designed with his late business partner Theo. Joined by Theo's son Pip, the three childhood friends meet to settle the estate and determine the future of the house. The discovery of a brief entry, "three days of rain", in Ned's diary is the only clue to the true story of the previous generation.

Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain explores how the private worlds of one generation are reinterpreted by the next. A tender and surprising story of love lies at the heart of a creative conflict which could never have been imagined by these children. The actors play both generations in this warm, funny and touching play about family and the enigma of parenthood.

The cast for Three Days of Rain in London features James McAvoy as 'Walker / Ned', Nigel Harman as 'Pip / Theo' and Lyndsey Marshall as 'Lina/ Nan'. It is directed by Jamie Lloyd with designs by Soutra Gilmour, lighting by Jon Clark, music by Ben and Max Ringham and sound by Matt McKenzie.

James McAvoy is probably best known for his role in the critically acclaimed film Atonement, for which he received both a Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination for his performance. His theatre credits include Breathing Corpses at the Royal Court Theatre, Out in the Open at the Hampstead Theatre and Privates on Parade at the Donmar Warehouse. Nigel Harman is perhaps best known from TV's EastEnders. His London theatre credits include Privates on Parade and Guys and Dolls. Jamie Lloyd is an Associate Director of the Donmar Warehouse. His recent London theatre directing credits include Pam Gems' Piaf at the Donmar Warehouse and transfer to the Vaudeville Theatre and Harold Pinter's The Lover / The Collection at the Comedy Theatre.

"James McAvoy couldn't be better as Walker, ragged with overexcitement, arriving at the office where his architect father drew the plans for the house that he thinks he is about to inherit. There he finds his father's diary, filled with such dry reports as 'three days of rain'. And - surprise, surprise - the statement proves to be an oblique umbrella for an action-packed scenario involving romance, betrayal, success, failure and shattering discoveries... The writing is waterlogged, the content arid, but juicy performances almost persuade you otherwise." The Mail on Sunday

"James McAvoy's performance is manic and hyperactive, both compelling and slightly annoying, in keeping with his character, whose self-torturing poses become increasingly irritating as the play progresses. Nigel Harman is wonderful as the rather more grounded and resolutely cheerful Pip, and Lyndsey Marshal demonstrates great versatility as both sensible Nan and wildly kooky Lina... It's a perceptive and humane piece, and worth a visit." The Sunday Times

"This is profound play about families - and fathers and sons, in particular - and it shows, with the action shifting between the 1990s in Act 1 and the 1960s in Act 2, how they are prone to make the same mistakes, over and over again, and mostly not by choice, but by conditioning... Jamie Lloyd invests this new production with trademark glossy, cinematic finish, but it is the acting that makes the evening special. All three members of the cast have to play their forebears and in their hands it seems entirely natural and not a gimmick at all. There is tremendous chemistry between the three of them." The Sunday Telegraph

Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain was originally seen in London at the Donmar Warehouse in March 1999. His other stage credits include Take Me Out, Night and her Stars, The American Plan, The Author's Voice, The Bloodletters, The House In Town, The Maderati, Eastern Standard, The Dazzle and Hurrah at Last.

Three Days of Rain at the Apollo Theatre in London previewed from 30 January 2009, opened on 10 February 2009 and closed on 2 May 2009.