Derek Deane's Swan Lake

Opened 29 May 1997, Closed 11 Jun 1997 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 16 June 1999, Closed 26 June 1999 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 12 June 2002, Closed 22 June 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 9 June 2004, Closed 19 June 2004 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 13 June 2007, Closed 24 June 2007 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 9 June 2010, Closed 19 June 2010 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 12 June 2013, Closed 23 June 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall
Returned 1 June 2016, Closed 12 June 2016 at the Royal Albert Hall

Derek Deane's critically acclaimed production of Swan Lake returns to London for its eighth season at the Royal Albert Hall this coming June 2016.

Causing a sensation when it premiered in 1997, this production has since been enjoyed by over 500,000 people, captivating audiences worldwide. Now you can now experience the beauty and intimacy of this unrivalled spectacle as the Royal Albert Hall is transformed into a magical lake for this spectacular fully staged 'in the round' production. From the lakeside seats to the top of the Hall, witness English National Ballet's magnificent company that features 60 swans, stunning costumes and sensational lighting, this spectacular production will captivate and enthral you. Tchaikovsky's wonderful score, played by the English National Ballet Philharmonic, features some of the most beautiful music in the classical ballet repertoire.

Choreographed by Derek Deane to music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky with designs by Peter Farmer and lighting by Howard Harrison.

"When Derek Deane created his Swan Lake-in-the-round, he had one intention: to please a crowd. This production gives audiences what they most love about ballet and an unprecedented 97 per cent box office return reflects its popularity accordingly. A 60-strong, drilled-to-perfection Corps de Ballet cover acres of stage in an endless succession of stunning geometrical formations. The effect is spine tinglingly thrilling. Storytelling is cut to a minimum and the dancers get to stretch their wings... Showpiece pirouettes and heart throb Siegfrieds aside, the night belonged to the beautiful and indefatigable Corps de Ballet." The Sunday Express

"English National Ballet's arena staging of Swan Lake is justly famous. Created by Derek Deane at the Royal Albert Hall in 1997, it has been seen by half a million people, and in its latest season there, the company were dancing on splendid form, with the amplitude that the setting requires. I have found Deane's production exciting, on every viewing, in its sheer spectacle - which never traduces the artistic and emotional essence of the ballet... [The] swans - 60 of them - are the production's most magnificent sight, immaculately drilled, flowing into the arena in row after row, many of them young and specially recruited to augment the regular company. The effects of Deane's choreography are lovely and the precision is stunning, while Howard Harrison's lighting is magically atmospheric." The Sunday Times

"Derek Deane's staging of Swan Lake in the round, now in its sixth annual visit to the Royal Albert Hall, is a considerable artistic achievement... Deane's dance regiment, not least his 60 swan-maidens, and his skilled adaptation of the Ivanov/Petipa text in such showpieces as the first act's classic trio, make this a production which, for all its bloated forms, is still Swan Lake . And the magic of massed swans emerging from the clouds of dry ice, the show-off jollities of acrobats and peasants and jugglers, courtiers and national dancers, are all part of the theatrical fun which is communicated to every part of the Royal Albert Hall... We cannot expect much finesse of detail in an event such as this but Deane offers Swan Lake on honourable terms to his audience. The viewers are nowhere cheated. Would that I could say this of most stagings of Swan Lake today." Financial Times

English National Ballet's Swan Lake in London at the Royal Albert Hall from 1 to 12 June 2016