Shrek The Musical

Previewed 6 May 2011, Opened 14 June 2011, Closed 24 February 2013 at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London

This new stage musical is based on the story and characters from William Steig's book Shrek! and the Oscar-winning animated feature film Shrek, the first chapter in the much loved series of irreverent fairy tales. Join Shrek, our unlikely hero, and his loyal steed Donkey, as they set off on an adventure to rescue the beautiful (if slightly temperamental) Princess Fiona, from her tower, guarded by a fire breathing love-sick dragon. Add a wannabe King with a height complex, a bunch of fairytale superstars, and a biscuit with an attitude, and you've got next year's must see new musical comedy! Shrek The Musical features all new songs as well as the cult Shrek anthem - I'm a Believer.

A new stage musical with lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire, music by Jeanine Tesori, and book by David Lindsay-Abaire, based on the original book by William Steig, and the Dreamworks animated film.

The original cast featured Nigel Lindsay as 'Shrek', Richard Blackwood as 'Donkey', Amanda Holden as 'Princess Fiona', and Nigel Harman as 'Lord Farquaad', with Aaron Lee Lambert, Alice Fearn, Amy Beadel, Ashley E Hale, Bradley Jaden, Damien Poole, Dean Chisnall, Delroy Atkinson, Emma Lindars, Grant Murphy, Jacqui Sanchez, Jonathan Stewart, Jon-Scott Clark, Karli Vale, Landi Oshinowo, Lee William-Davis, Leigh-Anne Stone, Lucy Tapp, Michael Watson, Michelle Francis, Rosanna Hyland, Ross Dawes, Spencer O'Brien, Ste Clough, Stephanie Bron, and Stuart Matthew Price. Charlene Biron-Monnier, Emilia Jones, Lauren Dawes, Madeleine Hill, Samantha Allison, and Sophie Wythe shared the roles of 'Young Fiona'/'Young Shrek'.

Directed by Jason Moore and Rob Ashford, with choreography by Josh Prince, designs by Tim Hatley, illusions by Marshall Magoon, lighting by Hugh Vanstone, and sound by Peter Hylenski.

This production played eight-performances-a-week with performances on Monday, Wednesday to Saturday evenings, and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon matinees.

The role of 'Shrek' was played by Nigel Lindsay from Friday 6 May 2011 through to Monday 27 February 2012; and by Dean Chisnall from Wednesday 29 February 2012 to Sunday 24 February 2013.

The role of 'Donkey' was played by Richard Blackwood from Friday 6 May 2011 through to Sunday 24 February 2013.

The role of 'Princess Fiona' was played Amanda Holden from Friday 6 May 2011 through to Monday 3 October 2011; by Kimberley Walsh from Wednesday 5 October 2011 to Monday 21 May 2012; and by Carley Stenson from Wednesday 23 May 2012 to to Sunday 24 February 2013. Amanda Holden left the show two months earlier than originally scheduled due to being pregnant with her second daughter, Hollie Rose, who was born in January 2012.

The role of 'Lord Farquaad' was played by Nigel Harman from Friday 6 May 2011 through to Monday 27 February 2012; and by Neil McDermott from Wednesday 29 February 2012 to Sunday 24 February 2013.

"As the heroes of musicals go, Shrek is no thigh-slapping six­footer with Hollywood looks. For one thing, he is a green ogre, and for another, he lives in a swamp... As musicals go, this show hits the target spot on. It combines all the right ingredients - slick appeal, warmth, clever lyrics, catchy songs and a tremendous comic appeal from a cast who appear to be enjoying themselves. There is little doubt it will prove a crowd-puller, as it did in New York. It has great family appeal and, judging from the audience reaction last night - there were many youngsters present - it will prove a big hit. They enthusiastically cheered, applauded, even whistled at every opportunity... Directors Jason Moore and Rob Ashford steer a fast-moving, brilliant show that will simply pull in the audiences." The Daily Express

"Great movies can be fabulous stage musicals; something to sing about and tap along to. But for every Billy Elliot, there's a Wizard Of Oz. And now Shrek. Not dire, just disappointing... It's Beauty And The Beast, but with a twist, because this beautiful princess has a secret. When dusk falls, she turns into something quite other than her slender gorgeous royal self, and it ain't pretty. But the moral of this fairy tale is, as Shrek puts it, 'Beautiful ain't always pretty'. Moreover, frogs (or ogres for that matter) can turn out to be princes, in their way. While the romance of the story can't fail, this show seldom enchants. David Lindsay-Abaire's book and lyrics are witlessly limp and Jeanine Tesori's score is drearily unmemorable but for Princess Fiona's chirpy I'm A Morning Person and I Think I Got You Beat... Still, there are entertaining moments. In one, the curtain rises on a chorusline of tap-dancing rats, a nod to 42nd Street. Best of all is a magnificent purple dragon who soars above the stalls belching smoke and who has a magnificently soaring voice (Landi Oshinowo)... What might have been a monster hit is just a bit panto." The Mail on Sunday

"I've not watched any of the Shrek films, so I can judge this big, bold, brassy extravaganza on its own terms - and, surprisingly, it's Shrek-tacular. It is played out like some outrageously camp panto, but Jason Moore and Rob Ashford, the directors, together with their writer and lyricist David Lindsay­Abaire, do it with the great redeeming virtue of humour. I would go so far as to say this show is the first evidence that the West End has developed an ability to laugh at itself, or at least to grasp a sense of its own occasional ridiculousness... Tim Hatley's set looks as if it has been inspired by one of those pop-up books for children, and what pops up is certainly impressive... The music goes down well enough, but, like a house wine, one remembers very little of it the following day. Some of the jokes are a bit basic, too. I will still say, though, that this is a great show for all the family: the children may, admittedly, be looking a little traumatised after a while, but their parents will be howling with laughter." The Sunday Telegraph

Shrek The Musical in London at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Theatre previewed from 6 May 2011, opened on 14 June 2011, and closed 24 February 2013.