Nina Conti: In Your Face

Opened 25 February 2016, Closed 12 March 2016 at the Criterion Theatre
Opened 7 September 2016, Closed 17 September 2016 at the Criterion Theatre

Back by public demand! Nina Conti: In Your Face in London for a strictly limited run of just twelve performances this September.

Following her hugely successful two week season at the West End's Criterion Theatre earlier this year as part of a major UK tour, Nina Conti returns for a further twelve performances this September.

Bursting with fresh and astonishing spontaneity, British comedy award winning ventriloquist Nina Conti uses face masks to turn her audience members into puppets and improvises a hilarious new show every night. No two shows are ever the same. Expect the unexpected! PLEASE NOTE: Age restriction sixteen and older.

When this production was seen here in February 2016, Bruce Dessau in The London Evening Standard said that "In Your Face is a frequently mind-blowing mix of script and improvisation... If you want sheer escapist entertainment this fits the bill. You will see nothing like it onstage this year." Keith Watson in The London Metro commented that "any show that opens with the declaration 'This is 95% improvised' and adds insult to injury by raising the spectre of audience participation would, in the normal scheme of things, have me running for the hills. But Nina Conti's In Your Face, which does both, is a hilarious blast," explaining that "the willing victims stumble on stage, vaguely embarrassed, but once Conti has strapped a cartoonishly grotesque gimp disguise in place, the transformation is comedy gold. The quick-witted Conti puts words in mouths of punters whose life stories twist and turn in bizarre fashion. The best bit? The 'victims' have a ball playing along, blushes forgotten as the mask takes over... Did Conti's lips move? I have no idea - I was too busy laughing to care." Clive Davis in The Times wrote that "Nina Conti's latest offering is devastatingly witty and full of daringly unscripted flights of fancy. She giggles endlessly and occasionally flirts with disaster as she summons members of the audience to help her on stage, yet this turns out to be a masterclass in pure showmanship. Ventriloquism is too often dismissed as naff or old-hat. Watching Conti is to realise that the art form is timeless." Chris Bennion in The Daily Telegraph highlighted that "Nina Conti's In Your Face tour sees the comedian play the most clever of games with status, control and authority of voice that you will see on any stage in the country. But don't let that put you off: this is a gut-bustingly funny show... it's thrilling to see Conti playing with the form in a show that's as inventive as it is hilarious." Brian Logan in The Guardian hailed it as being "richly entertaining... In short: a hoot.".

In Your Face - Nina Conti in London at the Criterion Theatre from 25 February to 12 March 2016, returned 7 to 17 September 2016.