Movin' Out

Previewed 28 March 2006, Opened 10 April 2006, Closed 22 May 2006 at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London

5 lifelong friends... 2 turbulent decades... 24 Billy Joel classics... Movin' Out, the multi award winning smash hit Broadway blockbuster, featuring the classic hits of Billy Joel and the explosive choreography of Twyla Tharp.

Tharp's electrifying choreography tells the story of a group of lifelong friends coming of age over three decades from the 60s to the 80s, set to 24 hits including: Uptown Girl, Movin' Out, We Didn't Start the Fire and The Longest Time. Please note that this is a dance show. The 25 strong cast dance music provided by a 10 strong band with lead vocals by 'The Pianoman' (James Fox or Darren Reeves, depending on performance). Due to this, and to help you follow the storyline, it is recommended that you read the list of musical number and story synopsis before you see the show - see below.

The cast for Moving Out in London features James Fox as 'The Pianoman' (lead vocals) with Ronnie Todorowski as 'Eddie', Holly Cruikshank as 'Brenda', David Gomez as 'Tony', Laura Costa-Chaud as 'Judy' and Matt Dibble as 'James'. On Thursday evenings and Friday and Saturday matinees: Darren Reeves as 'The Pianoman' (lead vocals), Cody Green as 'Eddie', Sarah Skogland as 'Brenda' and Joshua Horner as 'Tony'. Please note that all casting subject to change.

"Movin' Out is a danced-through drama choreographed by New York dance legend Twyla Tharp to Billy Joel's greatest hits... The production values are first class... The Billy Joel tunes are impressively replicated by the on-stage rock band and James Fox... Twyla Tharp's Benzedrine blend of ballet and show choreography is dazzlingly well danced but it remains a disappointing evening. Billy Joel's songs have been sliced together very craftily but their lyrics and tempi don't have the emotional range to fuel the story Tharp is trying to tell." The Sunday Telegraph

"Movin' Out is a lavishly staged dance musical based on 24 songs by Billy Joel. There's no doubting the exhaustive professionalism, or mistaking its glitzy Broadway provenance. It opened there back in 2002, and won Tony's for both orchestration (Billy Joel himself) and choreography (the memorably named Twyla Tharp). Sure enough, the dancing is superb, astonishing... The moves are all classical ballet dressed up as Broadway stomp, with lots of dizzying spinning, air-punching, scissor kicks." The Sunday Times

MOVIN' OUT - ACT ONE After the introductory Overture (It's Still Rock and Roll to Me) we are introduced to the five friends - Brenda, Eddie, James, Judy and Tony - who live in Long Island in the 1960s. The king and queen of prom, Brenda and Eddie, are finished, in contrast, 'forever sweethearts' James and Judy are ready for marriage. Their friend, Tony, is looking for that kind of love, and finds it with Brenda, who has become her own woman. But then war takes the men away from home, leaving their loved ones to pick up the pieces. James loses his life in combat, while Tony and Eddie return home broken as Judy grieves.

MOVIN' OUT - ACT TWO The vets try to cobble their lives back together. Tony can't seem to find a way to reconnect with Brenda, while Eddie can't connect with anyone. Spiralling into a lonely existence of drugs and self-loathing, Eddie takes a tour through a nightmare of his past, projecting Judy as his guide. By chance, he encounters Judy jogging in the park, and her forgiveness allows him to finally set his life back on track. Brenda and Tony rediscover the love needed to heal their wounds. The friends reunite to discover they have all found their way back home.

Musical Numbers:


Overture: It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Scene 1: Brenda and Eddie Split - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Brenda, Eddie, Tony, James, Judy, Sergeant O'Leary and Ensemble

Scene 2: Tony Moves Out - Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) - Tony, Eddie, James and Sergeant O'Leary

Scene 3: James and Judy are Forever - Reverie (Villa D'Este) / Just the Way You Are - James, Judy and Ensemble

Scene 4: Brenda is Back - For the Longest Time / Uptown Girl - Brenda, Eddie, Tony and Ensemble

Scene 5: Tony and Brenda Get Together - This Night - Tony, Brenda and Ensemble

Scene 6: Eddie Knows - Summer, Highland Falls - Eddie, Brenda, Tony and Ensemble

Scene 7: Off to War - Waltz # 1 (Nunley's Carousel) - Tony, Eddie, James, Drill Sergeant and Ensemble

Scene 8: The Sky Falls - We Didn't Start the Fire - Judy, Brenda, James, Tony, Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 9: Two Bars: Hicksville / Saigon - She's Got a Way - Tony, Brenda and Ensemble

Scene 10: Coming Home - The Stranger - Judy and Ensemble

Elegy (The Great Peconic) - Judy, Brenda, Tony, Eddie, Drill Sergeant and Ensemble


Scene 1: Vets Cast Out - Invention in C Minor - Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 2: Eddie Rages - Angry Young Man - Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 3: Tony Disconnects - Big Shot - Tony, Brenda and Ensemble

Scene 4: A Contest of Pain - Big Man on Mulberry Street - Tony, Brenda and Ensemble

Scene 5: Eddie Gets High - Captain Jack - Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 6: Eddie Reaches Out - Innocent Man - Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 7: Eddie's Nightmares - Pressure - Judy, Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 8: Eddie's Journey Back - Goodnight Saigon - Eddie, Judy, James, Tony and Ensemble

Scene 9: Brenda's Lost Dreams - Air (Dublinesque) - Brenda

Scene 10: Tony and Brenda Reconcile - Shameless - Brenda and Tony

Scene ll: Judy Releases Eddie - James - Judy and Eddie

Scene 12: Eddie Attains Grace - River of Dreams / - Keeping the Faith / - Only the Good Die Young - Ensemble

Scene 13: The Reunion Begins - I've Loved These Days - Tony, Brenda, Eddie and Ensemble

Scene 14: Reunion / Finale - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - The Company

Movin' Out in London at the Victoria Apollo Theatre previewed from 28 March 2006, opened on 10 April 2006, and closed on 22 May 2006. Note: Movin' Out closed on Monday 22 May 2006 as the show played a Wednesday to Monday schedule.