Into The Woods

TBA Theatre
The Cut, Waterloo, London

Public Previews: 16 April 2022
Opens: 4 May 2022
Closes: 9 July 2022

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Nearest Tube: Waterloo

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Show times
Monday at 7.30pm
Tuesday at 7.30pm
Wednesday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Thursday at 7.30pm
Friday at 7.30pm
Saturday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Sunday no shows

Sat 16 April at 7.30pm only
Wed 20 April at 7.30pm only
Wed 27 April at 7.30pm only
Wed 4 April at 7.00pm only

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Into The Woods in London

Into the Woods

A major revival of the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods in London directed by Terry Gilliam and Leah Hausman

"Careful the things you say. Children will listen..." By interweaving reworking various children's fairytales, Sondheim deftly exposes their dark, nightmarish flipside. A journey from levity into chaos, when instantly recognisable characters start behaving in the most unrecognisable ways. Includes the songs Children Will Listen; Gaints In The Sky; and No One Is Alone.

Musical with musical and lyrics and Stephen Sondheim, and book by James Lapine.

Casting to be announced.

NOTE: This production was originally scheduled to play at the Old Vic Theatre - public previews from 16 April 2022, opening on 4 May 2022, and closing on 9 July 2022 - but the producers for this revival and the Old Vic Theatre decided to part ways by mutual consent. A new London theatre is expected to be announced shortly.

Directed by Terry Gilliam and Leah Hausman, with choreography by Leah Hausman, sets by Jon Bausor, costumes by Antony McDonald, video by Will Duke, and sound by Paul Groothuis.

Stephen Sondheim's London theatre musicals include Sweeney Todd, A Little Night Music, Sunday in the Park with George, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Merrily We Roll Along, Gypsy, Pacific Overtures, Saturday Night, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Follies, West Side Story and the compilation show Side by Side by Sondheim.

Into The Woods in London at a to be confirmed Theatre public previews from 16 April 2022, opens on 4 May 2022, and closes on 9 July 2022

1990 Original West End London Production at the Phoenix Theatre

1998 London Revival at the Donmar Warehouse Theatre

2007 London Revival at the Royal Opera House's Linbury Studio

2010 London Revival at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

2016 London Revival at the Menier Chocolate Factory

1990 Original West End London Production

Previewed 15 September 1990, Opened 25 September 1990, Closed 23 February 1991 at the Phoenix Theatre

The Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods in London starring Julia McKenzie

The cast featured Julia McKenzie as 'The Witch', Nicholas Parsons as 'The Narrator', Ian Bartholomew as 'Baker', Imelda Staunton as 'The Baker's Wife', Patsy Rowlands as 'Jack's Mother', and Jacqueline Dankworth as 'Cinderella', with Kate Arneil as 'Sleeping Beauty', Elizabeth Brice as 'Florinda', Tessa Burbridge as 'Little Red Riding Hood', Clive Carter as 'Wolf'/'Cinderella's Prince', Richard Dempsey as 'Jack', Eunice Gayson as 'Cinderella's Mother'/'Grandmother'/'Giantess', Ann Howard as 'Cinderella's Stepmother', Megan Kelly as 'Snow White'/'Harp', Peter Ledbury as 'Steward', Mary Lincoln as 'Rapunzel', John Rogan as 'Cinderella's Father'/'Mysterious Man', Liza Sadovy as 'Lucinda', and Mark Tinkler as 'Rapunzel's Prince'.

Directed by Richard Jones, with choreography by Anthony Van Laast, sets by Richard Hudson, costumes by Sue Blane, lighting by Pat Collins, and sound by Andrew Bruce.

"Man's greatest fears and fantasies can be found in the fairy-tale, which is why the latter makes such a fascinating subject for Stephen Sondheim's latest musical. Even that suave old smoothie chops Nicholas Parsons as the narrator doesn't break the magic spell in Richard Jones' inventive production. After all those years of hosting TV game shows, his unctuous drawl is perfect for lulling us into a false sense of security. For this is the dark side of the fairy story that tells us what really happens after the happy-ending, all strikingly offset by Richard Hudson's gothic expressionist designs... At its simplest level, this is an adult pantomime that becomes a morality game of Consequences when characters from different fairy stories collide in a mythological wood between their worlds... This is such stuff as dreams and nightmares are made of and a wonderful parody of the Christmas panto." The Daily Express

"Two thing instantly strike me about the ravishing production of Into The Woods at the Phoenix Theatre. The first is that the show betrays the hallmark of a classic in that it can bear different interpretations... But the even more intriguing point is the way Stephen Sondheim as composer-lyricist and James Lapine as librettist are pushing the musical in new directions... In Into The Woods they are not just dramatising fairy tales but raising ethical questions... The evening's triumph belongs also to director Richard Jones, set designer Richard Hudson and costume designer Sue Blane who evoke exactly the right mood of haunted theatricality... Julia McKenzie is brilliant as the pointy-profiles, green-fingered Witch who articulates the dangers of having your wishes fulfilled but she never takes over the whole show. There is equally good work from Ian Bartholomew and Imdela Staunton as the Baker and his self-seeking Wife, from Tessa Burbridge as a gap-toothed brat of a Little Red Riding Hood and from Clive Carter doubling as the child-abusing Wolf and Cinderella's romantically agonising Prince." The Guardian

"Stephen Sondheim's music bustles sardonically along, once or twice soaring into something hummable. His smart, sly lyrics leave everyone else's sounding as if they had lead in their verbal boots... The characters have their adventures, fulfil their quests, and then, after the interval, begin the arduous task of living happily ever after. Sondheim being Sondheim, this means that Rapunzel turns psychotic, the Baker wrangles with his wife, and both princes launch into an ironic reprise of the best song in the show, 'Agony'. Having attained the seemingly unattainable, they now yearn for the even less attainable: Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty... About this time it becomes clear that not only the characters are lost in the woods. Sondheim, too, is muddling along... By now the cackling Julia McKenzie has disappeared, transformed into a svelte trouper in a spangled dress. So has Nicholas Parsons, an inexplicably underused narrator. So has the funny Imelda Staunton and several others, leaving the show's confusions of tone and aim sadly exposed. What began with so much satiric promise ends in well-meant banality: a pity." The Times

Into the Woods in London at the Phoenix Theatre previewed from 15 September 1990, opened on 25 September 1990 and closed on 23 February 1991

1998 London Revival at Donmar Warehouse

Previewed 6 November 1998, Opened 16 November 1998, Closed 13 February 1999 at the Donmar Warehouse Theatre

The cast featured Clare Burt as 'Witch', Frank Middlemiss as 'Narrator', Nick Holder as 'Baker', Sophie Thompson as 'Baker's Wife', Sheila Reid as 'Jack's Mother', and Jenna Russell as 'Cinderella', with Louise Davidson as 'Cinderella's Stepmother', Ceri Ann Gregory as 'Lucinda', Michael N. Harbour as 'Cinderella's Father'/'Mysterious Man', Samantha Lavender as 'Rapunzel', Dilys Laye as 'Cinderella's Mother'/'Granny'/'Giantess', Damian Lewis as 'Wolf'/'Cinderella's Prince', Christopher Pizzey as 'Jack', Matt Rawle as 'Rapunzel's Prince', Caroline Sheen as 'Florinda', Sheridan Smith as 'Little Red Riding Hood', Tony Timberlake as 'Steward', and Michelle Blair and Zoe Walsham as 'Milky White'.

Directed by John Crowley, with choreography by Jonathan Butterell, designed by Bob Crowley, lighting by Paul Pyant, and sound by John A Leonard.

2007 London Revival at Royal Opera House

Previewed 14 June 2007, Opened 18 June 2007, Closed 30 June 2007 at the Royal Opera House's Linbury Studio

The cast featured Beverley Klein as 'The Witch', Gary Waldhorn as 'Narrator', Clive Rowe as 'Baker', Anna Francolini as 'Baker's Wife', Anne Reid as 'Jack's Mother', and Gillian Kirkpatrick as 'Cinderella', with Louise Bowden as 'Florinda', Elizabeth Brice as 'Cinderella's Stepmother', Peter Caulfield as 'Jack', Nicholas Garrett as 'Wolf'/'Cinderella's Prince', Nic Greenshields as 'Rapunzel's Prince', Raphaelle Haldane as 'Rapunzel', Linda Hibberd as 'Cinderella's Mother'/'Granny'/'Giantess', Martin Nelson as 'Cinderella's Father'/'Mysterious Man', Lara Pulver as 'Lucinda', Suzanne Toase as 'Little Red Riding Hood', and Byron Watson as 'Steward'.

Directed by Will Tuckett, with designs by Lez Brotherston, and lighting by Tim Mitchell.

2010 London Revival at Open Air Theatre

Previewed 6 August 2010, Opened 11 August 2010, Closed 11 September 2010 at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

The cast featured Hannah Waddingham as 'The Witch', Ethan Beer, Eddie Manning, Joshua Swinney shared the role 'The Narrator', Mark Hadfield as 'Baker', Jenna Russell as 'The Baker's Wife', Marylin Cutts as 'Jack's Mother', and Helen Dallimore as 'Cinderella', with Marc Antolin as 'Woodsman', Valda Aviks as 'Granny', Billy Boyle as 'Mysterious Man', Gaye Brown as 'Cinderella's Stepmother', Sophie Caton as 'Snow White'/'Harp', Alice Fearn as 'Rapunzel', Mark Goldthorp as 'Steward', Amy Griffiths as 'Lucinda', Amy Ellen Richardson as 'Florinda', Beverly Rudd as 'Little Red Riding Hood', Ben Stott as 'Jack', Simon Thomas as 'Rapunzel's Prince', Gemma Wardle as 'Cinderella's Mother', Michael Xavier as 'Cinderella's Prince'/'Wolf', and the pre-recorded voice of Judi Dench as the 'Voice of the Giant'.

Directed by Timothy Sheader and Liam Steel, with choreography by Liam Steel, designs by Soutra Gilmour, puppets by Rachael Canning, lighting by Jon Clark, and sound by Mike Walker.

2016 London Revival at Menier Chocolate Factory

Previewed 1 July 2016, Opened 12 July 2016, Closed 17 September 2016 at the Menier Chocolate Factory

The Fiasco Theatre Company's revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine musical Into The Woods in London for a strictly limited season

Using ten actors, multiple musical instruments, and boundless imagination, Stephen Sondheims' musical is reimagined as never before.

The cast featured Vanessa Reseland as 'The Witch', -Ben Steinfeld as 'Baker' (up to Sunday 7 August 2016), Harry Hepple as 'Baker' (from Tuesday 9 August 2016), Jessie Austrian as 'Baker's Wife' (up to Sunday 7 August 2016), Laura Tebbutt as 'Baker's Wife' (from Tuesday 9 August 2016), Liz Hayes as 'Jack's Mother'/'Cinderella's Stepmother', and Claire Karpen as 'Cinderella'/'Granny', with Noah Brody as 'Wolf'/'Cinderella's Prince' (up to Sunday 7 August 2016), Steffan Lloyd-Evans as 'Wolf'/'Cinderella's Prince' (from Tuesday 9 August 2016), Paul L Coffey as 'Mysterious Man', Andy Grotelueschen as 'Milky White'/'Florinda'/'Rapunzel's Prince', Patrick Mulryan as 'Jack'/'Steward', and Emily Young as 'Little Red Riding Hood'/'Rapunzel'.

Directed by Noah Brody and Ben Steinfeld, with choreography by Lisa Shriver, sets by Derek McLane, costumes by Whitney Locher, lighting by Christopher Akerlind, and sound by Darron L West.

This production transferred to London following an eleven-week week season at the Laura Pels Theatre in New York - previewed from 18 December 2014, opened on 22 January 2015, and closed on 12 April 2015 - with the same original cast apart from Vanessa Reseland who took over the role of 'The Witch' from Jennifer Mudge, having understudied the role in New York.