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Derren Brown Live 2004

Something Wicked This Way Comes 2005

Mind Reader - An Evening of Wonders 2008

Enigma 2009

Svengali 2011 and 2012

Infamous 2013

Miracle 2015

Underground 2017

Derren Brown Live 2004

Opened 7 June 2004, Closed 26 June 2004 at the Palace Theatre

"Although Derren Brown plays the man of mystery, he sometimes seems so determined to take a rationalist view of this earthly existence that it seems odd that he never became one of those post-modern Church of England bishops. Intriguing things happen during his one-man show, but he trades so heavily on his reputation as an arch manipulator that you find yourself pondering the trickery rather than wallowing in the illusion... Brown delivers misdirection and psychic mischief on a grand scale, debunking the Victorian craze for spiritualism while at the same time hinting that there may just be something to it after all. Much of the display is fascinating. Brown adroitly plays on the audience's willingness to submit to the supernatural. But the drama is a long time in the making, thanks to his insistence on spelling out how he goes about his business. Later there was a genuine gasp of astonishment as Brown - who claimed to have memorised the entire contents of two London phone directories - recited the numbers of random members of the audience. He could give the addresses too. All this, he assured us, was the fruit of his years of poring over dusty text books as a law student. I didn't believe it for a second, but it was still a terrific piece of theatre." The Times

Derren Brown's Something Wicked This Way Comes 2005

Previewed 31 May 2005, Opened 2 June 2005, Closed 2 July 2005 at the Cambridge Theatre

Following the huge success of Derren Brown's tours of 2003 and 2004, this brand new stage show promises to be even more amazing and thought provoking. Derren Brown combines psychological illusion and perceptual manipulation in a thrilling new form of entertainment - unlikely to be imitated for a very long time!

Derren Brown Mind Reader - An Evening of Wonders 2008

Previewed 2 May 2008, Opened 7 May 2008, Closed 7 June 2008 at the Garrick Theatre

Derren Brown was previously in London's West End with his show Derren Brown Mind Reader: An Evening of Wonders which played for a strictly limited run of just 32 performances at the Garrick Theatre -- marking the first time in two years that Derren Brown had been on the West End stage. Derren Brown, the master of psychological illusion, presents a theatrical experience unlike any other in this show which has already been presented to sell-out audiences at over 80 theatres across the country. Derren Brown said: "For this show I wanted to return to more traditional roots of magic entertainment, and in particular the mind-readers of the 1930s. But like my other live shows, it's full of surprises, and hopefully both entertaining and thought-provoking - and of course they'll be plenty of audience participation." Please Note: These performances are not suitable for children under 12 years.

Derren Brown's Enigma 2009

Previewed 15 June 2009, Opened 17 June 2009, Closed 25 July 2009 at the Adelphi Theatre

Following a hugely successful UK tour, Derren Brown brings his new show, Derren Brown: Enigma to London's West End for a strictly limited season. Please Note: This performance is not suitable for children under 12 years.

"Tricky this. Derren Brown, TVs favourite mentalist and purveyor of tricks of the mind, asks that no secrets be given away about his live show... However, he is at his best as the modern showman, working solo on stage flinging frisbees randomly into the audience to get people up on stage. Once thus captured, he reveals amazingly correct personal details about them - to their utter delight. Apart from one wobbly set moment, the show drives smoothly towards a totally unexpected and unfathomable conclusion that perfectly ties up every loose end." The News of the World

"Watching Derren Brown, who has brought his latest utterly baffling and completely extraordinary show Enigma to the West End, is frequently disturbing. As he sets about proving that nothing is random in a complicated set piece where he has clearly predicted the choices that members of the audience will make long before they have done so, you cannot stop to think about how he does it: you must just marvel and wonder at it all. He sends a couple of members into a sleep-walking trance state but he transfixes us all." The Sunday Express

Derren Brown's Svengali 2011 and 2012

Previewed 8 June 2011, Opened 13 June 2011, Closed 16 July 2011 at the Shaftesbury Theatre
Previewed 12 July 2012, Opened 17 July 2012, Closed 11 August 2012 at the Novello Theatre

He's back! Derren Brown in London with his show Svengali - for a strictly limited season only! Seen last year in the West End at the Shaftesbury Theatre, Derren Brown once again sets out to show why he is one of the world's most renowned live performers; a master of magic, mind control and manipulation. Be prepared for a theatrical roller-coaster ride as the acknowledged master of psychological illusion returns to the West End stage.

On stage as well as on TV Derren is in a class of his own, exhilarating audiences with his unique brand of intelligent and theatrical entertainment. He has also received much praise for his best-selling book, Tricks of the Mind, which has currently sold over 360,000 copies. His new book Confessions of a Conjuror was published in October 2010.

Please Note: Not suitable for children aged under 12.

"Derren Brown's latest live extravaganza certainly had a lot to live up to, but somehow, the 40-year-old pulled it off. He managed to juggle the familiar elements to his shows in such a way as to make me wonder if he could possibly do any more to put the mental in mentalism, both in terms of pure effect and intelligence. While Enigma, his previous show, seemed top-heavy with numbers games, all sorts of meaningful combinations cropping up via the guided sub consciousnesses of willing volunteers, Svengali executed this section, the closing passage, with clarity, restraint and some high farce that had the agile Brown clambering all over his extraordinary steam punk Victoriana-styled set." The Independent

Derren Brown's Infamous 2013

Previewed 24 June 2013, Opened 27 June 2013, Closed on 17 August 2013 at the Palace Theatre

Derren Brown in London for his sixth West End show in nine years!

Infamous: Notorious, disreputable, ill-famed, of ill-repute; legendary, fabled.

For this stage show Derren is re-united with his close collaborator and friend actor, writer Andy Nyman. Derren says: "Now we've joined forces again, we're very eager to make this show feel different. There was something of a template we followed with all the shows, which worked very well. It's rather exciting and scary leaving that behind. This one should certainly have a different tone, and will mix things up a bit for those who have seen the others on TV or live".

"This cleverest of shows opts to pare down the flashy excesses of some of his previous efforts - card tricks, wow! - yet still manages to be so quietly impressive and thought-provoking that it lives with you long after curtain down... Infamous may be personal, as Brown exacts revenge on all those school kids who once called him 'd***brain'. Yet no matter how much he confesses, you know he's still not to be trusted, this miscreant of mayhem and misdirection. So in the end, all we can do is marvel at the 21st century wizard and his tantalisingly fiendish mind." The Sunday Telegraph

"Derren Brown insists he is no wizard, there is no magic and it's all one big elaborate hoax. But a wizard would say that, wouldn't he? He showed his skills are unrivalled as he picked his way through the audience's subconscious, exposing our vulnerability to mind control. Derren 's sharp wit and talent for misdirection and suggestion left me dumbfounded. I fell silent and transfixed, like I was witnessing a firework display inside a library... We were left dazzled by a joyful routine that wouldn't be out of place at a comedy night." The Sunday Mirror

Please Note: Not suitable for children aged under 12... or the faint-hearted.

Infamous with Derren Brown in London at the Palace Theatre previewed from 24 June 2013, opened on 27 June 2013 and closed on 17 August 2013.

Derren Brown's Miracle 2015

Previewed 11 November 2015, Opened 17 November 2015, Closed 16 January 2016 at the Palace Theatre in London

Following a short regional tour, Derren Brown brings his 7th new show to the Palace Theatre in London from November 2015.

After winning his second Olivier Award for Svengali (Shaftesbury Theatre 2011, returned Novello Theatre 2012), the master of psychological illusion Derren Brown brings his seventh in a historical series of live shows to London's West End. He will tell you nothing about what is in store for you, other than he is at his best live...

If you only know Derren Brown from his Channel 4 shows you're in for a real treat. Apart from being the best thing to happen on television in years, Derren Brown's pioneering blend of psychology, illusion and showmanship makes for a stunning theatrical evening in the hands of a master performer. There's nothing like it anywhere else in the world: don't miss this.

PLEASE NOTE: This show is NOT suitable for under 12's. Miracles is written by Andy Nyman, Andrew O'Connor and Derren Brown, it is directed by Andy Nyman and Andrew O'Connor with designs by Simon Higlett, lighting by Tim Mascall, sound by Colin Pink, and video design by Simon Wainwright.

When this production opened here at the Palace Theatre in November 2015, Dominic Cavendish in the Daily Telegraph wrote that "at the Palace Theatre, the grandest theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, the illusionist, hypnotist, mind-reader and wonder-worker extraordinaire Derren Brown is doing something completely astounding... Brown is not the Messiah. He is, though, a very clever boy." Ann Treneman in the Times said: "First of all I need to say that Derren delivers the goods. Some of his schticks are more impressive than others. Some are more than a tad laborious and most have a flick of humour in them. And, no, I don't have a clue how he does it... But he keeps popping up with cod psychology, which reminds me of the stuff that came out of California in the Seventies... Can't I just be amazed and have a good time?" Brian Logan in the Guardian commented that "not for the first time, I was left a mite uneasy by Brown’s have-cake-and-eat-it attitude towards charlatanism, whereby he criticises others for duping their audiences while withholding any meaningful explanation of how his own tricks are pulled off. But the not-knowing is undeniably a thrill, as indeed it is to savour Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor’s atmospheric production." Bruce Dessau in the London Evening Standard highlighted that the show contains "many gobsmackingly wonderful moments... much of what he does defies words... ignore the fortune cookie philosophy and enjoy the spellbinding entertainment. Conjuring is currently cool, with magicians everywhere, but in terms of quality Brown is streets ahead."

Miracle Derren Brown in London at the Palace Theatre previewed from 11 November 2015, opened on 17 November 2015 and closed on 16 January 2015.

Derren Brown's Underground 2017

Opened 11 September 2017, Closed 14 October 2017 at the Playhouse Theatre

Following a national tour, Derren Brown's 'greatest hits' show Underground in London for a strictly limited run of only 35 performances

Featuring the 'best bits' from Derren Brown's previous stage shows from the last 14 years it promises to be a spell-binding experience of magical genius and epic showmanship.

Devised and performed by Derren Brown and directed by Andrew O'Connor and Andy Nyman.

Underground: The Best of Derren Brown in London at the Playhouse Theatre opens on 11 September 2017 and closes on 14 October 2017