The Comedy of Errors

Barbican Theatre
Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London

Public Previews: 16 November 2021
Opens: 23 November 2021
Closes: 31 December 2021

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Thursday at 1.30pm and 7.15pm
Friday at 7.15pm
Saturday at 1.30pm and 7.15pm
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The Comedy of Errors

The Royal Shakespeare Company present a major revival of William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors in London for a strictly limited six week season

Brothers, sisters, masters and servants find themselves confused, baffled and bewildered by the events of a single day in Shakespeare's earliest comedy.

This production comes to London following a summer season in Stratford-upon-Avon, followed by a short regional tour.

The cast features Guy Lewis as 'Antipholus Of Syracuse', Rowan Polonski as 'Antipholus Of Ephesus', Jonathan Broadbent as 'Dromio Of Syracuse', Greg Haiste as 'Dromio Of Ephesus', Naomi Sheldon as 'Adrianna', Avita Jay as 'Luciana', Zoe Lambert as 'Aemilia', Antony Bunsee as 'Egeon', Alfred Clay as 'Doctor Pinch', Baker Mukasa as 'Angelo', Dyfrig Morris as 'Bodyguard', Nicholas Prasad as 'Solinus', Patrick Osborne as 'Balthasar', Riad Richie as 'First Merchant'/'Officer', Sarah Seggari as 'Luce', Toyin Ayedun-Alase as 'Courtesan', and William Grint as 'Second Merchant'.

Directed by Phillip Breen, with movement by Charlotte Broom, designs by Max Jones, lighting by Tina MacHugh, music by Paddy Cunneen, and sound by Dyfan Jones.

This production was originally presented at the temporary Gorvy Garden Theatre, a 500-seater outdoor auditorum which was located adjacent to the RSC's Swan Theatre on the banks of the River Avon. It previewed from 13 July 2021, opened on 20 July 2021, and closed on 26 September 2021, with the same cast, except for Hedydd Dylan as 'Adrianna'. Prior to transferring to London the production embarked on a short (indoor) regional tour.

Guy Lewis' London theatre credits include the roles of 'Sebastian'/'Sir Andrew Aguecheek' in Max Webster's revival of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre in 2014.

Rowan Polonski's London theatre credits include the role of 'Fowler' in Jeremy Herrin's revival of Julian Mitchell's Another Country at the Trafalgar Studio 1 in 2014.

Jonathan Broadbent's London theatre credits include the roles of 'Guy' in Robert Hastie's revival of Kevin Elyot's My Night With Reg at the Donmar Warehouse in 2014, and transfer to the West End's Apollo Theatre in 2015; 'Edmund' in Adrian Noble's revival of C S Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Sadler's Wells Theatre in 2001 and 2002; and 'Michael Darling' in John Caird and Fiona Laird's revival of J M Barrie's Peter Pan at the National Theatre's Olivier Theatre in 1998.

Greg Haiste's London theatre credits include the the ensemble in Daniel Evans' production of James Graham's Quiz at the Noel Coward Theatre in 2018; 'Edward Kynaston' in Christopher Luscombe's production of Jessica Swale's Nell Gwynn at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in 2015, and transfer to the West End's Apollo Theatre in 2016; 'Sir John Bushy' in Simon Godwin's revival of William Shakespeare's Richard II at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in 2015; and 'Man One' in Maria Aitken's production of Patrick Barlow's stage adaptation of John Buchan's The 39 Steps at the Criterion Theatre in 2013.

The Comedy of Errors in London at the Barbican Theatre public previews from 16 November 2021, opens on 23 November 2021, and closes on 31 December 2021

1999:Vincenzo Nicoli and Marcello Magni (Globe)

2000: David Tennant and Anthony Howell (RSC)

2006: Andrew Havill and Simon Wilson (Globe)

2006: Joe Dixon and Christopher Colquhoun (RSC)

2010: Daniel Weyman and Daniel Llewelyn-Williams (Open Air)

2011: Lenny Henry and Chris Jarman (NT)

2012: Abdul Haq and Ghulamnabi Tanha (Globe)

2012: Jonathan McGuinness and Stephen Hagan (RSC)

2014: Simon Harrison and Matthew Needham (Globe)

William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors formed the basis of the Rodgers and Hart musical comedy The Boys From Syracuse.

1999: London Revival at the Shakespeare's Globe

Previewed 28 May 1999, Opened 3 June 1999, Closed 25 September 1999 (in repertory) at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The cast featured Vincenzo Nicoll as 'Antipholus of Syracuse'/'Antipholus of Ephesus', Marcello Magni as 'Dromio of Syracuse'/'Dromio of Ephesus', Yolanda Vazquez as 'Adriana', Jules Melvin as 'Luciana', Avril Clark as 'Emilia', Robert Pickavance as 'Egeon', Harry Gostelow as 'Doctor Pinch', Jan Knightley as 'First Merchant'/'Servant', Leader Hawkins as 'Headsman'/'Gaoler', Martin Turner as 'Duke Solinus', Paul Chahidl as 'Angelo', Philippa Stanton as 'Luce'/'Courtesan', Richard Trahair as 'Servant', and Terence McGinity as 'Balthazar'/'Second Merchant'.

Directed by Kathryn Hunter, with movement by Marcello Magni, choreography by Sue Lefton, designs by Liz Cooke, and music by Mia Soteriou.

2000: London Revival at the Barbican Theatre (RSC)

Previewed 29 November 2000, Opened 1 December 2000, Closed 3 February 2001 (in repertory) at the Barbican Theatre

The cast featured David Tennant as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Anthony Howell as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Ian Hughes as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Tom Smith as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Emily Raymond as 'Adriana', Jacqueline Defferary as 'Luciana', Ann Firbank as 'Lady Abbess', Paul Greenwood as 'Egeon', David Acton as 'Doctor Pinch', David Mara as 'Officer', Graeme Mearns as 'Messenger', Jack Chissick as 'First Merchant', Karen Bryson as 'Luce', Michael Thomas as 'Solinus', Nicholas Khan as 'Second Merchant', Nina Conti as 'Courtesan', Paul Ewing as 'Balthasar', and Robert Goodale as 'Angelo'.

Directed by Lynne Parker, with designs by Blaithin Sheerin, lighting by Tina MacHugh, and music and sound by Bell Helicopter.

Presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

2006: London Revival at the Shakespeare's Globe

Previewed 22 July 2006, Opened 1 August 2006, Closed 7 October 2006 (in repertory) at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The cast featured Andrew Havill as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Simon Wilson as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Sam Alexander as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Eliot Giuralarocca as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Sarah Woodward as 'Adriana', Laura Rees as 'Luciana', Darlene Johnson as 'Emilia', Richard O'Callaghan as 'Egeon', Ben Crystal as 'Lucius', Cate Debenham-Taylor as 'Courtesan', Chris Emmett as 'Angelo', David Sturzaker as 'Solinus', Jake Harders as 'Balthasar', Patrick Moy as 'Second Merchant', Richard Riddell as 'First Officer', Samuel Bawden as 'Second Officer', and Thomas Padden as 'Mr Pinch'/'First Merchant'.

Directed by Christopher Luscombe, with choreography by Jenny Arnold, designs by Janet Bird, and music by Julian Philips.

2006: West End London Revival at the Novello Theatre (RSC)

Previewed 6 January 2006, Opened 10 January 2006, Closed 28 January 2006 at the Novello Theatre

The Royal Shakespeare Company present William Shakespeare's comedy The Comedy of Errors in London directed by Nancy Meckler

The cast featured Joe Dixon as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Christopher Colquhoun as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Jonathan Slinger as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Forbes Masson as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Suzanne Burden as 'Adriana', Sinead Keenan as 'Luciana', Frances Jeater as 'Emilia', Richard Cordery as 'Egeon', Alice Barcley as 'Pinch's Assistant', Bettrys Jones as 'Luce', Christopher Obi as 'Second Merchant', Christopher Robert as 'First Merchant', Diveen Henry as 'Courtesan', Eke Chukwu as 'Officer', Geoffrey Lumb as 'Balthasar', Kevin Trainor as 'Messenger', Neil McKinven as 'Solinus', Oscar Pearce as 'Angelo', and Tom Hodgkins as 'Doctor Pinch', with Stewart W Fraser as 'Puppeteer'.

Directed by Nancy Meckler, with choreography by Liz Ranken, puppetry directed by Mervyn Miller, designs by Katrina Lindsay, lighting by Tim Mitchell, music by Ilona Sekacz, and sound by Andrea J. Cox.

Presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

"Nancy Meckler's production for the RSC has the air of a New Orleans Mardi Gras at which anything can happen and usually does. The speed of her interpretation neatly avoids the pitfalls of a one-joke situation by giving even relatively minor characters their moment in the spotlight... Christopher Colquhoun and Joe Dixon manage subtle changes in the two Antipholuses while Forbes Masson and Jonathan Slinger pull off the same trick as their shock-haired servants. Suzanne Burden and Sinead Keenan are suitably feisty as the women who get cauhtup with them, but this is a company show and Meckler is right to treat it like a three-ring circus... It's a farce which gets better as it gets more frenetic, and there's a joyous intensity here which suggests - not for the first time this season - that the RSC is back on form." The Daily Express

"Nancy Meckler's delightful RSC production... Katrina Lindsay's design resets the play among the low-lifes of 18th Century London and turns the action into a Gothic romp. There are some excellently orchestrated routines... Jonathan Slinger and Forbes Masson are indistinguishable as the twins' two servants, each crowned with coxcombs of ginger hair. Hypermanic and hyper-punning, you wonder at first if you can survive two-and-a-half hours of their mania without recourse to a defibrillator. Christopher Colquhoun and Joe Dixon do a good job of distinguishing the two twins, the former a dapper dignitary of the city, the latter a bemused and finally terrified tourist beset by people claiming to know him." The Mail on Sunday

"Any pain being inflicted in Nancy Meckler's new production of The Comedy of Errors is pantomime pain - a whack to the head with a large silver tray is accompanied by a joke sound-effect, a jab in the bottom delivered via an oversized comedy syringe. Such burlesque hilarity is thanks, of course, to the plot - confusion over two sets of identical twins separated at birth after a shipwreck... It is all very lovely to look at and, thankfully, Meckler's direction and the performances from the twin masters (Joe Dixon and Christopher Colquhoun), both in divine, swaggery tweed and velvet coats, are strong enough. This means the audience can see clearly through the funny costumes and the side-splitting mix-ups to the really rather sad tale of a split family underneath." The Sunday Telegraph

The Comedy of Errors in London at the Novello Theatre previewed from 6 January 2006, opened on 10 January 2006 and closed on 28 January 2006.

2010: London Revival at the Open Air Theatre

Previewed 24 June 2010, Opened 29 June 2010, Closed 31 July 2010 at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

The cast featured Daniel Weyman as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Daniel Llewelyn-Williams as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Joseph Kloska as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Josh Cohen as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Jo Herbert as 'Adriana', Sophie Roberts as 'Luciana', Veronica Roberts as 'Emilia', Christopher Ravenscroft as 'Egeon', Alister Cameron as 'Solinus', Anna-Jane Casey as 'Courtesan', Christopher Logan as 'Officer', David Shaw-Parker as 'Balthazar', Faye Winter as 'Luce', Richard Warrick as 'Angelo', Richie Hart as 'Soldier', Tim Freeman as 'Second Merchant', and Tom Silburn as 'First Merchant'.

Directed by Philip Franks, with choreography by Quinny Sacks, designs by Gideon Davey, lighting by Zerlina Hughes, music by Matthew Scott, and sound by Fergus O'Hare.

2011: London Revival at the Olivier Theatre (NT)

Previewed 22 November 2011, Opened 29 November 2011, Closed 1 April 2012 (in repertory) at the National Theatre's Olivier Theatre

The cast featured Lenny Henry as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Chris Jarman as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Lucian Msamati as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Daniel Poyser as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Claudie Blakley as 'Adriana', Michelle Terry as 'Luciana', Pamela Nomvete as 'The Lady Abbess', Joseph Mydell as 'Egeon', Adrian Hood as 'Officer', Amit Shah as 'Angelo', Clare Cathcart as 'Luce', Grace Thurgood as 'Courtesan', Ian Burfield as 'Solinus', Jude Owusu as 'First Merchant', Paul Bentall as 'Doctor Pinch', Rene Zagger as 'Second Merchant', Silas Carson as 'Balthasar', Tom Anderson as 'Solinus' Gaoler', Everal A Walsh, Marcus Adolphy, Rhiannon Oliver, Simon Parrish, and Yvonne Newman.

Directed by Dominic Cooke, with movement by Ann Yee, designs by Bunny Christie, lighting by Paule Constable, music by Gary Yershon, and sound by Christopher Shutt.

2012: London Revival at the Shakespeare Globe (Dari Persian)

30 and 31 May 2012 at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The cast featured Abdul Haq as 'Emigre Arsalan (Antipholus of Syracuse)', Ghulamnabi Tanha as 'Arsalan of Kabul (Antipholus of Ephesus)', Basir Haider as 'Bostan of Kabul (Dromio of Syracuse)', Shah Mohammad as 'Emigre Bostan (Dromio of Ephesus)', Abida Frotan as 'Sodaba (Adriana)', Parwin Mushtahel as 'Zan-e Motakef (Emilia)'/'Officer', Shah Mamnoon Maqsudi as 'Ehsan (Egeon)'/'Kukeb(Luce)', Farzana Sayed Ahmad as 'Rodaba (Luciana)'/'Courtesan', and Daoud Lodin as 'The Emir (Solinus)'/'Faraz (Angelo)'/'Officer'.

Directed by Corinne Jaber, with costumes by Zolaykha Sherzad.

Performed in Dari Persian by the Roy-e-Sabs of Kabul for two performances only as part of the Globe to Globe 2012 Festival.

2012: London Revival at the Roundhouse (RSC)

Previewed 1 June 2012, Opened 13 June 2012, Closed 1 July 2012 (in repertory) at the Roundhouse Theatre

The cast featured Jonathan McGuinness as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Stephen Hagan as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Bruce Mackinnon as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Felix Hayes as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Kirsty Bushell as 'Adriana', Emily Taaffe as 'Luciana', Cecilia Noble as 'Emilia', Nicholas Day as 'Egeon', Amer Hlehel as 'Balthasar', Amie Burns Walker as 'Courtesan', Ankur Bahl as 'Messenger', Jan Knightley as 'Merchant', Jonathan Slinger as 'Doctor Pinch', Kevin McMonagle as 'Merchant', Sandy Grierson as 'Solinus', Sarah Belcher as 'Nell', Sargon Yelda as 'Angelo', and Solomon Israel as 'Officer'.

Directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi, with choreography by Naomi Said, designs by Jon Bausor, lighting by Jon Clark, music by Adem Ilhan, and sound by Christopher Shutt.

Presented in repertory by the Royal Shakespeare Company, along with Twelfth Night and The Tempest, from 1 June 2012 to 5 July 2012 as part of the 'World Shakespeare Festival', which formed part of the '2012 Cultural Olympiad'.

2014: London Revival at the Shakespeare's Globe

Previewed 30 August 2014, Opened 4 September 2014, Closed 12 October 2014 (in repertory) at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The cast featured Simon Harrison as 'Antipholus of Syracuse', Matthew Needham as 'Antipholus of Ephesus', Brodie Ross as 'Dromio of Syracuse', Jamie Wilkes as 'Dromio of Ephesus', Hattie Ladbury as 'Adriana', Becci Gemmell as 'Luciana', Linda Broughton as 'Emilla', James Laurenson as 'Egeon', Andy Apollo as 'Gaoler'/'Officer'/'Headsman', Anne Odeke as 'Luce'/'Messenger', Emma Jerrold as 'Courtesan', Gershwyn Eustache Jnr as 'Balthasar'/'Second Merchant', Paul Brendan as 'Angelo', Peter Hamilton Dyer as 'Solinus', and Stefan Adegbola as 'Doctor Pinch'/'First Merchant'.

Directed by Blanche McIntyre, with designs by James Cotterill, and music by Olly Fox.