Children of Eden

Previewed 19 December 1990, Opened 8 January 1991, Closed 6 April 1991 at the Prince Edward Theatre in London

The new musical Children of Eden in London

In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth... and then He made the Garden of Eden. He filled it with Adam, Eve, and all the animals He could think of... the Children of Eden. See them bring the story of the world's creation to life through the spectacle and drama of this new musical.

This epic retelling of one of the greatest stories of all time includes the creation of the World; the naming of the Animals; the Snake and the Apple; Cain and Abel; the story of the Flood; and Noah's Ark. This brand new musical promises an evening of the most exhilarating theatrical spectacle.

NOTE: This production was originally scheduled to open on 16 January 1991 - which was then announced to be the day after the UN deadline for Iraqi troops to withdraw from Kuwait - and the opening was moved forward by a week. The producers claimed that the two events where unrelated, and that they had originally allowed for a longer preview period than usual, which had proved unnecessary.

The cast features Ken Page as the 'Father', Martin Smith as 'Adam', Shezwae Powell as 'Eve', Roger Lloyd-King as 'the Snake', Adrian Beaumont as 'Cain', Shion Abdillah / Ramilles Corbin / Ashley Waters as 'Abel', Kevin Colson as 'Noah', Earlene Bentley as 'Mama Noah', Craig Pinder as 'Shem', Ray Shell as 'Ham', Anthony Barclay as 'Japheth', Hiromi Itoh as 'Aysha', Ruthie Henshall as 'Aphra', Frances Ruffelle as 'Yonah', Kerry-Jane Beddows, Kaye Brown, Sophia Butler, Anna-Jane Casey, Colin Charles, Sally Dewhurst, Stephane Drouard, Jacqui Dubois, Brenda Edwards, Andrea Francis, Antoni Garfield Henry, Steven Houghton, Graham Hubbard, Stephen Kent, Vanessa Leigh-Hicks, Glenn Lee, Kumiko Miura, Michael Aaron Peth, Elizabeth Renihan, Andrew Robbins, Mitch Sebastian, Jonathan Stigwood, Sonia Swaby, Matthew White, Michael Winsor and Tunku Yasmin. Directed by John Caird with choregraphy by Matthew Bourne, designs by John Napier, costumes by Richard Sharples, lighting by David Hersey and sound by Andrew Bruce and Bobby Aitken. Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and book by John Caird, based on a concept by Charles Lisanby.