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Tara Bethan


I'd Do Anything Nancy finalist Tara Bethan is from Wales. Tara, who is 24 years old, trained at the Redroofs Theatre School.

Sorry Tara - You're not Nancy. Tara Bethan was the third Nancy Finalists to be knocked-out of the competition on Sunday 13 April 2008.

Tara has just finished a nine month contract on a Welsh soap opera. She has also presented on Welsh channel S4C as well has having a CD on sale in Wales.

Will the public select Tara to be Nancy in the new West End production of Oliver at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London?

Saturday 29 March 2008: At the first of the BBC I'd Do Anything 'knock-out' shows Tara Bethan sung the KT Tunstall song 'Suddenly I See'. Afterwards Denise Van Outen told Tara: "I love watching you perform - you move so well, everything is so finished and very polished. I don't if it is a little bit too polished - you need to remember the rawness of the character of Nancy. But a great performance."

Sunday 30 March 2008: The first 'Results Show' when the results of the public telephone votes where announced. Before they where announced Graham Norton asked the judging panel who, based on this weeks performances only, they thought was NOT Nancy - Denise Van Outen said she thought Tara was not Nancy. But when the public votes where announced by Graham Norton, it was revealed that Tara Bethan had gained enough votes to go straight through to next week's I'd Do Anything programme.

Saturday 5 April 2008: For the second BBC I'd Do Anything 'knock-out' shows Tara Bethan sung the Mariah Carey song 'Without You'. Denise Van Outen said: "Last week I thought your performance was a litle bit over the top, and I asked you to pull it back a bit. You did that tonight. I saw the vulnerability of Nancy, however I just think vocally the song was maybe a little bit too big for you. It was quite strained at the top so hopefully you will be here next week and we'll find a song that is right for you. That was my only criticism really, but I like the fact you pulled it back, well done for taking note." John Barrowman said: "Tara, I liked your stillness, I thought you connected. I disagree with them, I thought you did a great job with that song. I loved it." Barry Humphries told Tara: "I thought you sold that song wonderfully well. It was great. A tremendous improvement I thought on last week. Still a little chaste perhaps." Andrew Lloyd Webber concluded the comments by saying: "Tara I thought interesting, but there is a Mariah Carey song - a really difficult song to sing, it starts very low, very difficult to act in that key and, of course I know that, then you went off. What I had hoped, was that you made it a bit more of your own, and didn't try to do all that riffing she does. I don't think that really helped you."

Sunday 6 April 2008: The second 'Results Show' - once again Graham Norton revealed that Tara had secured enough public telephone votes to go straight through to next week's programme.

Saturday 12 April 2008: For the third BBC I'd Do Anything 'knock-out' shows Tara Bethan sung 'Let's Here it for the Boy' from Footloose the Musical. Afterwards John Barrowman said: "Tara, if that was a comfortable range for you to sing in, and you cracked on the end of it, I don't know if you can handle eight shows-a-week with the range of Nancy because that just wasn't strong enough." Barry Humphries commented: "Well, you're very polished performer, a very ambulant performer, Tara, but the character needs some pain, some passion, and depth, and I didn't see that tonight in your performance." Denise Van Outen commented: "OK Tara, I've been very critical of you in this competition,. For me that was the best performance we've had from you so far. What I will say is, and I've heard you when you've been in good voice and when like tonight when you've said you haven't been very well, and when you belt you do squeak on your top notes and it is uncomfortable to listen to, so you need to work on that." Andrew Lloyd Webber concluded by saying: "Cheeky poppy liitle song, cheeky poppy performance. Difficult for me tell about the role of Nancy from that, I think that if you are here next week we are going to have to find something which really tests you."

Sunday 13 April 2008: The third 'Results Show' - Before they the results of the public telephone votes where announced, Graham Norton asked the judging panel who, based on this weeks performances only, they thought was NOT Nancy - John Barrowman said: "Because I don't think she has the vocal range, or the stamina for eight shows-a-week, I'm saying Tara" and Barry Humnphries said: "I'm afraid that, although I enjoy her work very much, it is too modern and I would say Tara." Graham then revealed the results of the public votes - Tara had come second from bottom so she had to perform in this week's 'sing-off' with Keisha who had come bottom of the public telephone votes. This week the sing-off song was 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' from the musical The Wizard of Oz. Afterwards Andrew Lloyd Webber had the task to save one Nancy: "Once again, the most difficult job there really is I think. We have two very talented performers and I have to think about the eight shows-a-week aspect and I want to think about the connection with the material itself - I'm going to save Keisha!" Thus Tara had to leave the competition - Andrew told her: "The lovely, cheeky, poppy Tara. I thought really fantastic. I just worry, I'm afraid I do have to agree with the majority of the panel, I'm just not sure you'd be able to do eight shows-a-week, and we've got to remember that, and I think it would be unfair on you at this stage, but good luck with everything ." Tara said: "I just want to say I've had the most amazing experience I've learnt so much from the most amazing teachers that we've had and I've learnt a lot about myself. I want to thank everyone who voted for me." The television programme then concluded with Tara saying good-bye by leading the remaining Nancy finalists in an ensemble version of 'Be Back Soon/As Long As He Needs Me'.