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Cleo Royer


I'd Do Anything Nancy finalist Cleopatra Royer is from London. Cleo, who is 22, studied dance at the BRIT school.

Sorry Cleo - You're not Nancy. Cleo Royer was the second to be knocked-out of the competition on Sunday 6 April 2008.

Cleo is a keen performer who has recently set up a drama group for children in her community. Professionally she has appeared in the Sugarbabes video for the song 'Stronger'. Cleo describes herself as being a 'music nut' who wants to be a 'diamond-selling recording artist' - to that end she is currently working on her own solo album.

Will the public select Cleopatra to be Nancy in the new West End production of Oliver at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London?

Saturday 29 March 2008: At the first of the BBC I'd Do Anything 'knock-out' shows Cleopatra Royer sang the Pink song 'Who Knew?' Afterwards John Barrowman said: "Cleo, you're a raw talent, you've a strong voice. I think you are a little uncomfortable in your skin at times, you let the nerves get hold of you - change that for next time." Denise Van Outen said: "Cleo, I thought that was fantastic tonight. I think you look very comfortable in your skin performing that, you really acted it and it is great seeing the acting coming through. So good."

Sunday 30 March 2008: The first 'Results Show' when the results of the public telephone votes where announced - and Graham Norton revealed that Cleo Royer had gained enough votes to go straight through to next week's I'd Do Anything programme.

Saturday 5 April 2008: For the second BBC I'd Do Anything 'knock-out' shows Cleo Royer sung the Nina Simone song 'Feeling Good'. Afterwards Denis Van Outen said: "Cleo, it was great, a really good strong vocal, it is very earthy, and I do like the rawness. The only concern I have with you is you sometimes have a slightly pained expression. I saw it last week, and I've seen it in your performance again tonight - I kind of want to see you loosen up a bit, and enjoy the words, you are supposed to be feeling good." John Barrowman told Cleo: "A good strong vocal performance. The only thing I'm getting, I'm missing the connection with the words. It was a good vocal performance, but 'stars when you shine' is such a wonderful rich thing to say and it just didn't make me tingle like I wanted it to."

Sunday 6 April 2008: The second 'Results Show' - Graham announced that, from the public votes, Cleo had come second from bottom, along with Keisha who had come bottom. So they had to both face the verve-racking 'sing off' in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber. This week the 'sing-off' song was 'I Know Him So Well' from the musical Chess. Andrew Lloyd Webber then had the task to save one Nancy: "'Nothing is so good it lasts eternally'. Really, really, this is the most difficult descision situation I've had on any of the programmes so far I've done. So I've got to base it really on what I've just heard, and on what I've just heard tonight, I've going to save Keisha." Thus Cleo had to leave the competition - Andrew told her: "I really am sorry, because you where fantastic, but I don't think that tonight was actually the right result and I will say that. I thought you where wonderful and I think there is going to be a real, real place for you in the West End and many, many shows to come - I am really, really, sorry." Cleo said: "I've learnt so much, it has made me grow as a performer, as a singer, as an actress, I want to keep with this energy and do what I need to do to get better and better." The television programme then concluded with Cleo saying good-bye by leading the remaining Nancy finalists in an ensemble version of 'Be Back Soon/As Long As He Needs Me'.