Yes, Prime Minister

Previewed 17 September 2010, Opened 27 September 2010, Closed 15 January 2011 at the Gielgud Theatre
Returned 6 July 2011, Closed 17 September 2011 at the Apollo Theatre
Transferred 20 September 2011, Closed 19 November 2011 at the Gielgud Theatre
Returned 6 June 2012, Closed 12 January 2013 at the Trafalgar Studios

Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn's new comedy Yes, Prime Minister in London. Following a hugely successful season at the Apollo and Gielgud Theatres in London last year, Yes, Prime Minister returns to London's West End... in Whitehall at the Trafalgar Studios.

First broadcast on the BBC on 25 February 1980, Yes, Minister, and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister, went on to become television's most successful political comedy ever. Now the original writers of these classic series have reunited for this special new stage production which comes to London's West End following a sell-out season at the Chichester Festival Theatre. Prime Minister Jim Hacker, his Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby and his Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley are all back, this time live on stage!

Much has changed since the 1980's - Spin has become an art form and the BlackBerry is the must-have accessory. Dossiers have been 'sexed up', the 'special relationship' has been put to the test and countless MPs have stood down to 'spend more time with their families'. But great institutions have a way of riding punches and bouncing back unscathed for the next round. Will it prove so for Jim Hacker and his coterie of close advisors? Especially with the country on the brink of financial meltdown and the Government's only apparent salvation coming from an unlikely quarter - a morally dubious deal with the Foreign Minister of Kumranistan.

"Full house at Chichester for Yes, Prime Minister, the TV comedy which has been turned into a farce. The audience loved it. Aphorisms abounded. There were even a couple of topical references to coalition government. A four-star evening? Yes. The set is opulent. The actors are first-division names. The comic timing is sound. But a corner of me remained unmoved. Maybe it was because the plot, for all its outrageousness, is not quite as amazing as what is happening in real politics at present. Or maybe it was because the whole thing is overdone by about 15 per cent." The Daily Mail 2010

"Back in the Eighties, when the razor-sharp, quintessentially English satirical sitcom Yes, Minister was first broadcast, it swiftly became the favourite television programme of the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Much has changed in the interim: spin, BlackBerries, global warming, the imminent threat of financial meltdown and, most recently and radically, a coalition Government, all of which the show's creators, Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, have characteristic fun with in Yes, Prime Minister, their latest foray down the corridors of power written specially for the stage. Set in his wood-panelled office at Chequers, the gutless Prime Minister Jim Hacker (David Haig) is still at the helm, aided by his mandarins, the Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby (a silky, swivel-eyed Henry Goodman), who can rattle out breathless arias of apparently eloquent verbiage that mean precisely nothing, and his Latin-phrase-dropping Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley (nicely nerdy Jonathan Slinger). They are a sublime double-act... Jay and Lynn keep the gags coming, and Haig's hilarious performance, switching from advanced bumbling to blind panic to bullish overconfidence in a blink of an eye, is a comic tour de force." The Mail on Sunday

The original cast for Yes, Prime Minister in London featured Henry Goodman as 'Sir Humphrey Appleby' and David Haig as 'Jim Hacker' who both reprised their roles from the Chichester Festival Theatre. This production was originally staged at Chichester Festival Theatre where it previewed from 13 May 2010, opened on 20 May 2010, closed on 5 June 2010 after which is transferred to London's Gielgud Theatre where it previewed from 17 September 2010, opened on 27 September 2010 and closed on 15 January 2011. The production then returned to the West End, this time at the Apollo Theatre where it run from 6 July 2011 to 17 September 2011 before transferring back to the Gielgud Theatre from 20 September 2011 to 19 November 2011. The production then returned to London again from the 6 June 2012 at the Trafalgar Studios 1.

Yes Prime Minister in London at the Trafalgar Studios opened on 6 June 2012 and closes on 12 January 2013.