We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Previewed 8 July 2009, Opened 9 July 2009, Closed 16 August 2009 at the Duchess Theatre
Returned 3 July 2013, Closed 1 September 2013 at the Lyric Theatre

Children's Laureate Michael Rosen's, ever popular We're Going On A Bear Hunt in London is brought vividly and noisily to life on stage by director Sally Cookson featuring a quirky, versatile and lively score by Benji Bower.

We're going to the theatre! We're going on a Bear Hunt! What a beautiful play! We're not scared... Follow a family's excitement as they wade, splash and squelch through a variety of imaginative environments in search of a bear. Director Sally Cookson describes the production as being a "celebration of play", thus, along with designer Katie Sykes, they decided that the stage set design should utilise a host of everyday objects and materials in order to draw young audiences into this thrilling, imaginary world. The cast for We're Going On A Bear Hunt in London features Duncan Foster as 'Dad', Rowena Lennon as 'Daughter', Gareth Warren as 'Son' and Ben Harrison as 'Dog'. This production is suitable for children aged three and over.

Author of over 140 books, Michael Rosen has enjoyed a successfully diverse career as writer, poet and broadcaster. Filled with rhythm, repetition and onomatopoeia, We're Going on a Bear Hunt has been praised for its ability to engage and entertain young children of all learning abilities. This production was previously seen at London's Duchess Theatre during the summer 2009, it is presented by Tall Stories who have also presented the stage version of Room on the Broom in London.

"I never quite twigged why a saneseeming father would take his children through river, forest, mud and a snowstorm to catch a bear, still less why they should bring with them little but a butterfly net, a magnifying glass and a dog that doubles as a guitarist. But the tots around me clearly had no difficulty buying the idea behind this adaptation of Michael Rosen's book, so nor should I. Nor should you if you decide to take yourself and your brood to this likeable if unremarkable holiday diversion." The Times (2009)

"In truth, Sally Cookson's sunny and enjoyable production for the very young is not quite as deliciously scary and tension-filled as the original book, which works through a mixture of repetition and thrills. But then anything other than a cute but strangely anorexic giant teddy bear at the end, might well cause a riot as under-fives head en masse for the exit... What we get is a fun-filled frolic that makes terrific use of 'poor' theatre techniques and allows the young audience to use their imaginations... This is a familiar title transposed from page to stage, but done with skill and a bubbling sense of fun." The Guardian (2009)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt in London at the Duchess Theatre previewed from 8 July 2009, opened 9 July 2009 and closed 16 August 2009. Returned to London at the Lyric Theatre from 3 July 2013 to 1 September 2013.