Waiting for Godot

London West End Revival - Ambassadors Theatre - 2006

London West End Revival - Haymarket Theatre - 2009 and 2010

London Revival - Arts Theatre - 2017

Play by Samuel Beckett. Two tramps clown around, joking and arguing, repeating themselves, as they wait through one day and then another, waiting for the mysterious Godot.

London West End Revival - Ambassadors Theatre - 2006

Previewed 3 October 2006, Opened 9 October 2006, Closed 18 November 2006 at the Ambassadors Theatre

Peter Hall's 50th anniversary production Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot comes to London's West End following a criticaly acclaimed season last year at The Theatre Royal Bath.

The cast features Alan Dobie as 'Estragon', James Laurenson as 'Vladimir', Terence Rigby as 'Pozzo and Richard Dormer as 'Lucky' who all reprise their roles in Waiting for Godot from the 2005 Theatre Royal Bath production.

On a deserted road two tramps - Vladimir and Estragon - are waiting for the elusive Godot. With its sublime balance of comedy and poignancy, vaudeville and angst, Waiting For Godot was voted the most significant English language play of the 20th century by theatre professionals in the National Theatre's NT2000 poll.

"Peter Hall's brilliantly performed, beautifully nuanced new production... sounds all the play's notes, the lyricism, the humour, the darkness, the light, the mystery. The result is as moving as it is exhilarating." The Mail on Sunday

"It is hard to imagine that Estragon and Vladimir were ever played with such surpassing ease as by Alan Dobie and James Laurenson. They clown with Beckett's words like a pair of master jugglers while indulging in much physical clowning, an element brought to a comic peak in this production." The Sunday Telegraph

Waiting for Godot in London at the Ambassadors Theatre previewed from 3 October 2006, opened on 9 October 2006 and closed on 18 November 2006

London West End Revival - Haymarket Theatre - 2009 / 2010

Previewed 30 April 2009, Opened 6 May 2009, Closed 9 August 2009 at the Haymarket Theatre
Previewed 21 January 2010, Opened 27 January 2010, Closed 3 April 2010 at the Haymarket Theatre

The return of the major revival of Samuel Beckett's classic play Waiting For Godot in London starring Ian McKellen, Roger Rees, Ronald Pickup and Matthew Kelly.

This major production of Waiting For Godot in London retusn to the Haymarket Theatre for a strictly limited 11 week season. Reprising their roles are Ian McKellen as 'Estragon' and Ronald Pickup as 'Lucky', joining them for the 2010 season will be Roger Rees as 'Vladimir' Matthew Kelly as 'Pozzo'. The production is directed by the acclaimed theatre and film director, Sean Mathias with designs by Stephen Brimson Lewis and lighting by Paul Pyant.

"Will Sean Mathias's recast production of Samuel Beckett's play prove as successful as the one that astonished us by running for months at the same address last year? In many ways it deserves to do so. Ian McKellen and Roger Rees are more the doleful clown and the spry straight man than Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart... And in his droll, wry way McKellen's Estragon is funnier than last year, funnier even than his famous Widow Twankey. The glum Lancashire accent helps. So does the warty nose. And so does some immaculate timing." The Times

"Great plays change with time. Originally, Waiting For Godot tended to perplex and bemuse. These days, we're no longer so alarmed by it and Mathias dared to see the funny side as well as the desperation of its nihilistic vision. Two members of last year's original cast, Patrick Stewart and Simon Callow, have given up waiting, creating a slot for Roger Rees, who returns to the London stage after years in America, and the perfect part for Matthew Kelly... Roger Rees is partnering Sir Ian McKellen's tattered old tramp... They squabble, blather, cry and momentarily despair, but they also console one another, sometimes intentionally, but mostly just by being there, intimately familiar, intensely trusting. Alone, the daily struggle would not be worth contemplating. With such a companion, it's at least a possibility, and it is profoundly moving." The Mail on Sunday

"The pairing of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart as Samuel Beckett's two tramps packed this theatre last year. The production returns -- not with Stewart, who has abandoned the wait -- but with Roger Rees, best remembered here for playing the title role in the RSC's Nicholas Nickleby before he moved to America. The inspiration for Sean Mathias's production remains the music hall and, egged on by the audience, the actors find far more laughs than usual in this tragicomedy." The Sunday Times

Waiting for Godot in London at the Theatre Royal Haymarket Theatre previewed from 30 April 2009, opened on 6 May 2009 and closed on 9 August 2009. Returned from 21 January 2010, opened 27 January 2010 and closes 3 April 2010.

London Revival - Arts Theatre - 2017

Previewed 5 September 2017, Opened 7 September 2017, Closed 23 September 2017 at the Arts Theatre

A major revival of Samuel Beckett's play Waiting For Godot in London for a strictly limited three week season

Samuel Beckett's play Waiting For Godot originally exploded on to the London stage in 1955 here at the Arts Theatre. It shocked as many people as it delighted. There had never been a play like it. The combination of music hall, poetry and tension redefined what is possible in theatre. Waiting For Godot is now accepted as one of the most significant plays of the 20th century and Samuel Beckett's characters have lost none of their power to fascinate and amuse modern day audiences.

The cast features Patrick O'Donnell as 'Estragon (Gogo)' and Nick Devlin as 'Vladimir (Didi)' with Paul Kealyn as 'Pozzo' and Conor Donelan as 'Lucky'. Directed by Peter Reid.

Waiting for Godot in London at the Arts Theatre previewed from 5 September 2017, opened on 7 September 2017 and closed on 2 September 2017