Tom, Dick and Harry

Previewed 10 August 2005, Opened 23 August 2005, Closed 29 October 2005 at the Duke of York's Theatre in London

A new farce by Ray Cooney and his son Michael Cooney Tom, Dick and Harry in London starring Joe McGann, Stephen McGann and Mark McGann.

Tom, Dick and Harry is the hilarious story of three brothers - Tom and his wife are about to adopt a baby. His brothers, Dick and Harry, are anxious to help make a good impression on the woman from the agency who has arrived to check on the home and lifestyle of the prospective parents. But, ofcourse, things don't quite as planned - well, what would you expect - this is a Ray Cooney farce!!!

The cast for Tom, Dick and Harry features real life brothers Joe McGann as 'Tom', Stephen McGann as 'Dick' and Mark McGann as 'Harry' along with Hannah Waterman, Mark Wingett, Louise Jameson, Brian Green, Sarah Wateridge and David Warwick. It is directed by Ray Cooney with designs by Douglas Heap, lighting by Douglas Kuhrt and sound by Ben Harrison.

"Ray Cooney, grand master of English farce, has written this one with his offspring, Michael. The piece is remarkably topical, its subjects including house prices, illegal immigrants, alcohol-smuggling, adoption problems and the dark doings of NHS hospitals with body parts. Surely all this requires men of an extraordinary, perhaps demented, imagination and efficiency to turn it into a functioning farce. The Cooneys are those men; and Cooney pere's own direction, nimble and witty, seals their success... The two Cooneys and the three McGanns have a terrific time, and so will you... The whole thing is hilarious, daft and utterly irresistible." The Sunday Times

"It takes a while for the comic motor of Tom, Dick And Harry to get going but once it does, there's no stopping it. Whether its to your taste or not is another question but a woman next to me was wiping away tears of laughter and so, at times, was I... It's never subtle, but it's executed with a lot of pratfalls, belly laughs and high energy." The Sunday Express

"This is the morning when Mrs Potter will arrive from the adoption agency to check on the suitability of Tom and Linda. But Tom's dopey brothers are on hand to create mayhem. Silly foreign voices, inappropriate farting sounds, and bad jokes could add up to something endearing; but they don't. As someone says at one point, 'there's been a bit of a misunderstanding'. In this case, the idead that this material was ever funny." The Sunday Telegraph

"Family affairs don't get much more family than this. Not only have father and son Ray and Michael Cooney written this play, but it stars thee redoubtable McGann brothers, Joe, Stephen and Mark - as brothers. It is also classic Ray Cooney who, despite his 45 years and 25 farces, is still wonderfully inventive... And as co-author Ray himself directs, we get a production paced like lightning, which is justas well since the last thing a Cooney farce needs is time for the audience to think... The McGann brothers come into their own. They may not be the most experienced of farceurs, but a lifetime in the same family has given them a brilliantly instinctive sense of each other's timing... What you get here is the nearest thing to a stage cartoon, but drawn with such utter confidence and admirable speed you have to laugh" The Daily Express

"There are plenty of laughs in Tom, Dick And Harry, a new comedy from farce master Ray Cooney and his son Michael but they're mostly of the belly variety. Three of the acting McGann brothers, Joe, Stephen and Mark, star in a soppy tale about a plan to plant a body in a back garden to drive down the price of the property. Only for those who love Carry On movies - Carry On Corpse? - is it a dead cert that you will like this." The Sun

"Ray Cooney's programme note says that it's easy to underestimate farce. Not when it's as mirthless and witless as this one, it isn't. Tom, Dick & Harry are played by three talentless McGann brothers, all mugging madly. Another programme mentions the McGanns in the same breath as such acting dynasties as the Redgraves. Presumptuous or what?... Joe McGann (irritating) plays Tom, the eldest. He and his wife are nervously preparing for a visit by Mrs Potter from the adoption agency, which will decide if they are fit to be parents. Tom's sweaty efforts are hampered by wicked Dick (Stephen, very irritating), who has just returned from Calais with a van stuffed with contraband fags, brandy and two Kosovan asylum seekers. A passing copper is suitably suspicious. Meanwhile, simple kid brother Harry (Mark, fabulously irritating) has dropped in on his way home from work in a morgue with a black bag filled with body parts. Promisingly preposterous as the plot may seem, the acting is so coarse and the writing so forced, tired and desperately old-hat that, try as I might to laugh, I could only wince." The Mail on Sunday

Tom, Dick and Harry in London at the Duke of York's Theatre previewed from 10 August 2005, opened on 23 August 2005 and closed on 29 October 2005.