The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Previewed 6 July 2011, Opened 8 July 2011, Closed 4 September 2011 at the Vaudeville Theatre
Returned 4 July 2012 to 2 September 2012 at the Lyric Theatre
Returned 2 July 2014 to 7 September 2014 at the Lyric Theatre
Returned 25 November 2015 to 19 January 2016 at the Lyric Theatre
Returned 28 June 2018 to 9 September 2018 at the Piccadilly Theatre
Returned 9 December 2019 to 5 January 2020 at the Haymarket Theatre Royal

Judith Kerr's award winning picture book The Tiger Who Came To Tea comes to life on the London West End stage in this musical play adaptation by David Wood which is especially suitable for young children with special daytime performances.

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly didn't expect to see at the door was a big, stripy tiger! This delightful family show, based on the award winning picture book by Judith Kerr, is packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos! Ideal for pre and primary school children aged 3 and above and their families, The Tiger Who Came To Tea is packed with fun for youngsters who love the book and those who are discovering the tea-guzzling Tiger for the very first time.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea in London is adapted from Judith Kerr's picture book by David Wood who also directs. With movement direction by Emma Clayton, set and costume designs by Susie Caulcutt, lighting by Tony Simpson, sound by Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw and music by Peter Pontzen.

David Wood's various West End adaptation and directing credits LP Hartley's The Go Between at the Apollo Theatre in 2016; Michelle Magorian's Goodnight Mister Tom at the Phoenix Theatre in 2012 and the Duke of York's Theatre in 2015; Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox at the Open Air Theatre in 2007; and Roald Dahl's The Witches at the Wyndham's Theatre in 2005.

"David Wood's production does not fully solve the problem of adapting a slim children's picture book into an hour-long play, but the padding is harmless and, for the most part, it sticks close to Judith Kerr's original. The excessively hungry tiger that invites himself for tea with Sophie and her mum, and scoffs everything in sight, satisfyingly breaks the rules on children's behalf. Your interest droops a bit when the strokable-looking beast isn't on stage, but it's all perfectly pleasant, if a little bland." The Sunday Times

"It is perfect entertainment for pre-school children and brings all the mischief and humour of the original picture book to vibrant life. Adapted by David Woods from the story by Judith Kerr it is faithful to her text while enlivening things with songs and audience participation... The show roars along sweeping the audience up with it. Truly, all the fun of the fur." The Daily Express

"Written and illustrated by Judith Kerr and published in 1968, the book is a both a bestseller and a bona fide classic notable for its simple, sweet charm. The script, adapted for the stage by the writer, director and composer David Wood, charts a day in the life of Sophie and her mother... Each incident is neatly and humorously done... This hour-long performance is an invitingly jolly, consistently inventive treat at affordable prices. The songs are pleasant and, once you get used to it, the cast's broad, almost vaudevillian performing style feels just right. As a fun piece of well-crafted commercial theatre that taps into children's imaginations, this Tiger is the cat's meow." The Times

"Worn out parents could do much worse than take their charges to the stage adaptation of The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr, who also did the unforgettable illustrations. Adapter and director David Wood stays true to the magical original... It's all very CBeebies: bright, exaggerated, bouncy and with the odd truly magic moment. A theatre of discerning tots sat without wriggling - until asked to swing their tiger tails and roar their tiger roar, which they did with gusto - and were, rightly, entranced. A rare and great achievement." The Mail on Sunday

The Tiger Who Came To Tea in London at the Haymarket Theatre opened on 9 December 2019, and closed on 5 January 2020 - special morning and afternoon performances