Steve Coogan: The Man Who Thinks He's It

Previewed 28 September 1998, opened 29 September 1998, closed 17 December 1998 at the Lyceum Theatre in London

After an extensive UK tour, Steve Coogan brings his show The Man Who Thinks He's It to London's West End. Acclaimed as comedy's hottest new talent and known to millions for his role as obnoxious chat show host Alan Partridge, comedian Steve Coogan has a number of other characters up his sleeve each with their own individualistic style. Meet Paul Calf - notorious student-basher and lager lout. Meet Tony Ferrino - The Portuguese Hit Singer who produced albums such as 'The Dog's Ballad's' and 'Nice Ass' - he's a real lady's man!

Unfortunately during November 1998 acute laryngitis forced Steve Coogan to cancel a number of a spokeperson said: "Steve has been playing to a packed Lyceum Theatre six nights a week since September. Obviously the exertions of the 90-minute show in which Steve appears in the guises of some of his most popular characters Alan Partridge, Latin love-God Tony Ferrino and Paul and Pauline Calf, have taken their toll. We must consider Steve's long-term health." Due to this the show was extended to 17 December 1998.

Steve Coogan's London theatre credits include Dennis Potter's Blue Remembered Hills at the National Theatre in 1996.

"Steve Coogan's show, The Man Who Thinks He's It has its roots in his 1992 Perrier-winning act, but everything is grander. The opening James Bond-style number, by Coogan in a rubber dress as Pauline Calf, sets the tone. Each successive creation is done with class but is decidedly low-rent... If the first half, has its flat moments, however, the second half is much tighter. Pauline Calf's lager-swilling brother Paul reveals his penchant for new romantic pop before introducing Coogan's monster we love to hate, Alan Partridge. Coogan doesn't just capture the slightly sinister delivery of the ageing DJ, he gets the strut and the blazer badge right too. Partridge is Coogan's greatest moment, but that rubber dress is pretty unforgettable too." The Daily Express

"He's the man of many faces, but it was just one person they were there to see - Alan Partridge. It is the failed chat show host who made Steve Coogan's name that they all love... So it was with slight disappointment that first on was his nymphomaniac character of Pauline Calf... The best bit came in the second half with vulgar thug Paul Calf - truly disgusting but extremely funny. But it was the sports-jacketed chatshow host Partridge who won the biggest laughs... From the audience's reaction, Coogan must realise he will never be able to escape the monster he has created. He would certainly be stupid to consign Alan Partridge to that great chatshow in the sky." The Daily Mirror

"What can you do after you have delivered a TV series that comes so close to perfection? Having touched the heights of absurdity with the preposterous pseudo-celebrity Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan can be forgiven for marking time in his live show. Coogan's problem - if you can call success on this scale a problem - is that his fallen sports commentator so outshines the other characters that most of them are beginning to look threadbare. While the writing on Partridge's segment remains dizzyingly inventive, much of the rest opts too readily for brutal toilet humour that went down well with the Loaded readers in the audience." The Times

The Man Who Thinks He's It - Steve Coogan in London at the Lyceum Theatre previewed from 28 September 1998, opened on 29 September 1998 and closed on 17 December 1998