Some Like it Hip Hop - ZooNation

Opened 20 October 2011, Closed 19 November 2011 at the Peacock Theatre
Returned 20 September 2012, Closed 13 October 2012 at the Peacock Theatre
Returned 3 May 2013, Closed 30 June 2013 at the Peacock Theatre
Returned 23 October 2019, Closed 9 November 2019 at the Peacock Theatre

ZooNation present's Kate Prince's dance show Some Like it Hip Hop in London - back for a strictly limited season!

With a nod to Billy Wilder's much loved film, Some Like It Hot and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Some Like it Hip Hop is a comical tale of love, mistaken identity, cross-dressing, gender stereotypes and revolution; all played out in Zoo Nation's trademark style of hip hop, comedy and physical theatre.

Written by Kate Prince and Felix Harrison with music by Music by Josh Cohen & DJ Walde. Directed by Kate Prince with choreography by Kate Prince, Tommy Franzen and Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, additional choreography by Duwane Taylor & Ryan Chappell, sets by Ben Stones, costumes by Ryan Chappell, lighting by Johanna Town.

PLEASE NOTE: The age guidance for this show is seven and above

Some Like it Hip Hop has played three seasons here at the Peacock Theatre: opened 20 October 2011, closed 19 November 2011; returned 20 September 2012, closed 13 October 2012; and returned 3 May 2013, closed 30 June 2013

Kate Prince's West End theatre choreography credits include Dan Gillespie Sells' musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie currently playing at the Apollo Theatre, the hip-hop dance show Sylvia at the Old Vic Theatre in 2018; the Harry Hill and Steve Brown musical I Can't Sing! The X-Factor Musical at the London Palladium in 2014; and the award-winning hip-hop dance show Into the Hoods which enjoyed a five month run at the Novello Theatre in 2008.

"Kate Prince writes, directs and choreographs, as she did with Into the Hoods. Again, this is family-friendly light entertainment with a positive message, highly likeable characters and plenty of spectacular dance. But here Prince's choreography (co-credit to Tommy Franzén and Carrie-Anne Ingrouille) moves up a notch. Aside from the wow factor fundamental to hip-hop - upside-down balances, backflips, fierce locking, punchy, thrusting articulation and cossack kicks - the movement has a real flair for weaving character into its fabric. The story, told in charming rhymes and lyrics, is a simple parable. ... It's zany and zippy, hilarious and heartwarming. Ben Stones's sets are witty and clever. Ryan Chappell's costumes are deliriously old-fashioned. DJ Walde and Josh Cohen's R'n'B music has some fine moments." The Times

"Regarded by many as the funniest film made, Some Like It Hot tells the story of two male musicians who pose as women in an all-female band to escape a gangster's wrath in the Twenties. Complications ensue. Comparable complications affect the two cross-dressing protagonists of ZooNation's latest street dance show but there the similarities end. Rather than a straight parody, Kate Prince retools the original in a rollicking tale of two girls exiled from a male-dominated city who pose as men to get a job in a typing pool... The sizzle of the dancers is everywhere apparent... The inventiveness of the staging is matched by the outstanding onstage singers and a deceptively smart script by Kate Prince and co-writer Felix Harrison... This is intelligent, adrenaline-fuelled entertainment with a strong anti-chauvinist, pro-literacy message." The Daily Express

"This is glorious. Some Like It Hip Hop, the new show from streetdance company ZooNation, is a fizzing tale of love, gender politics, lost daughters and heroic librarians. The music and dancing are superb: everything in this show has wit, heart and magnificent energy... Kate Prince and her team have created their own music and storyline, drawing gleefully on the cross-dressing comedy of Some Like It Hot and Twelfth Night. The setting is a cartoon dystopia, a city of corrugated iron where books are banned and women are oppressed. Thrown out of the city for insubordination, heroines Jo-Jo and Kerri sneak in by disguising themselves as men... Prince throws everything into the mix, and can risk overloading her story. But the overflow of energy here is utterly irresistible. Some Like It Hip Hop sweeps to a triumphant finale, wave after wave of dancing, each one more amazing than the last." The Independent

"If there was any doubt that hip-hop had finally grown out of the street and into the theatre, then Kate Prince's new production dispels it. Technically, Some Like It Hip Hop may be a little rough around the edges, but it has all the pace, ambition and talent of a West End show. New stories for dance theatre are hard to find, especially ones suitable for a family audience. Prince, however, has gone to the best. Her plot is a twist on the classic Billy Wilder movie, Some Like It Hot, but it also draws on Shakespearean comedy for its themes of mistaken identity, gender disguise, lost daughters, and rulers in crisis... A belter of a show, performed by a cast whose vivid, gutsy variety of shape, size, colour and stage background ensures that even when hip-hop moves into the theatre, they keep it real." The Guardian

ZooNation Dance Company was founded in 2002 by Kate Prince. In 2006, the company premiered Into the Hoods, which went on to become the longest running dance show the West End has ever seen. Some Like it Hip Hop was originally seen in London at the Peacock Theatre from 20 October to 19 November 2011, returning from 20 September to 13 October 2012, and again from 3 May to 30 June 2013.

Some Like it Hip Hop in London at the Peacock Theatre opened on 23 October 2019, and closed on 9 November 2019