Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Opened 17 December 2004, Closed 23 January 2005 at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London

Raised by a wicked and vain Queen, beautiful Snow White is taken into the forest to be murdered. But, the Huntsman cannot commit this horrible deed and so she flees and finds refuge in the home of seven diamond-mine workers/ dwarfs. When the Wicked Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive, she transforms herself into an old hag and brings a poisonous apple to the young girl. Only Prince Charming can save Snow White now... Lily Savage stars as The Wicked Queen - and who better to take on the role? She is so deliciously evil, that you'll love her! The Seven Dwarfs will help the proceedings along, as will the large cast of goodies and baddies. Enjoy the great songs and dance numbers performed by a live orchestra, the magic mirror, stunning sets, dazzling pyrotechnics and, ofcourse, the audience participation!!

The cast for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Londoned features Lily Savage (Paul O'Grady) the 'Wicked Queen' with Diana Pilkington as 'Snow White', Andrew Kennedy as 'The Prince', Rebecca Wheatley as 'Nurse Nice', Sean Canning as'Catsmeat', David Langham as 'The Major' and Fogwell Flax as 'Muddles'. The panto is written by Tudor Davies and Paul Elliott and directed by Carole Todd. Lily Savage's West End credits include Prisoner Cell Block H The Musical at the Queen's Theatre in 1995.

This traditional family panto has already played four sell-out Christmas seasons around the UK - Bristol 2003/04, Manchester 2002/03, Southampton 2000/01, and Birmingham 1999/2000.

"Lily Savage's Wicked Queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs is a direct descendant of the Danny La Rue school of transvestitism. Strictly speaking, she's not a dame, but a sparkling, drag act in an otherwise humdrum pantomime. It is lacklustre, but, nevertheless, moderately entertaining, if what you're after is a rather low-rent hymn to naffness with more costume than drama. Cheesy children and a mildly embarrassed chorus line of not-terribly-gifted lads and lasses wearing paste-on smiles and tired folksy frocks perform out-of-sync disco-dancing routines. When hidden behind the furry faces of animals, they look much more at ease. Meanwhile, Lily Savage, a gobby goddess dressed to kill in a series of dazzling gowns, rips into the audience, sneers and scowls for Liverpool and rages at Snow White for being 'furrer' than she is." The Mail on Sunday

"As the Wicked Queen, the foul-mouthed Liverpool slapper is a weird mix of frocks and insults... Lily Savage brings a ready-made persona to panto; and she lives up, or down, to her reputation by trading insults with the audience from the moment she detects 'a smell of poo and snot' which turns out to be emanating from the kids in the stalls. But, while Lily is a truly wicked old queen who twice tries to bump off Snow White, she also stands outside the action offering a Brechtian running commentary on it... Dianne Pilkington is a suitably demure Snow White. Rebecca Wheatley, ex-Casualty, potters about amiably as the Nurse. And the Seven Dwarfs clearly win the audience's affections." The Guardian

"Parents who plump for this show will do so in the hope that Savage's trademark acerbic, innuendo-laden humour provides some relief for the grownups. Carole Todd's unlovely production stutters into fitful life when Savage is allowed to roam the stage as if at a solo stand-up gig, and on these occasions even manages a couple of decent lines. 'I know what they mean when they shout 'It's behind you' - they're talking about your career', she says with feeling and probably with one eye on the gruelling performance schedule of the next weeks. While the adults are sniggering - or not, as the case more likely is - at references to hangovers and the menopause, the kids sit patiently and hope their turn will come. It doesn't. Such a dominant character in the 'evil' corner leaves no space for the collected forces of good and thus a fateful imbalance is struck." The London Evening Standard

The pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in London at the Victoria Palace Theatre opened on 17 December 2004 and closed on 23 January 2005