Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

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Previewed 23 November 2006, Opened 29 November 2006, Closed 27 January 2007 at the Haymarket Theatre in London

Richard Alfieri's play Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks in London starring Billy Zane and Claire Bloom.

Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks by Richard Alfieri is about the antagonistical relationship between an older lady, Lily, and a young dance teacher, Michael, who she hires to teach her to dance for six weeks.

The cast for Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks in London stars Billy Zane, in his West End stage debut, as 'Michael' and Claire Bloom as 'Lily'. The production is directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman with dances staged by Craig Revel Horwood, designs by Christopher Woods, lighting by David Hersey and sound by Fergus O'Hare.

"Richard Alfieri's script is at first very camp but, in the hands of these two accomplished players, it quickly becomes very moving and wry human. It's also funny and knowing... Arthur Allan Seidelman directs with pizzazz, and his two stars couldn't be anything other than charming, even if they had to read out the A-E section of the London telephone directory... The chemistry between the two stars is close to sublime." The Sunday Telegraph

"Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks is a squeaky-clean version of Dirty Dancing for bus-pass holders: sexy middle-aged dance teacher puts a 72-year-old Southern belle elegantly through her paces. OK, so a game Claire Bloom, still lovely after all these years, proves she's as sprightly as ever and gets to say the F-word, but that's the only startling moment. Richard Alfieri's lame, predictable, sentimental romance takes place in a hideous room filled with bamboo furniture and fabrics - a sickening symphony in insipid apricot. Film star Billy Zane plays gay Michael, a failed chorus boy who left New York to nurse his dying mother in South Carolina. On his uppers, he is reduced to teaching old ladies to cha-cha... Making a confident stage debut, Zane doesn't put a foot wrong and the spectacle of Bloom's Lily, blissful when she dances, is a sweet one. The Best Is Yet To Come and a couple of Beach Boys numbers just about keep things moving, but Alfieri's clodhopping play has two left feet." The Mail on Sunday

"Claire Bloom, alternating nimbly between girlish and matronly, does everything with her face that a consummate pro can do to make such a contrived story plausible: she pouts, simpers, blusters and smiles fetchingly... The writing is characterless; the clichés fall like autumn leaves. The show is soppy, predictable and appallingly well-meaning. I have an awful feeling it will be a hit." The Sunday Times

Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks in London at the Haymarket Theatre previewed from 23 November 2006, opened on 29 November 2006 and closed on 27 January 2007.