Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Open Air Theatre
Regent's Park, Inner Circle, London

Public Previews: 16 July 2015
Opens: 23 July 2015
Closes: 29 August 2015

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Nearest Tube: Baker Street (allow 15 min walk)

Show times
Monday at 7.45pm
Tuesday at 7.45pm
Wednesday at 7.45pm
Thursday at 2.15pm and 7.45pm
Friday at 7.45pm
Saturday at 2.15pm and 7.45pm
Sunday no shows
Thu 16 July at 7.45pm only

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A major revival of the classic musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on stage in London for a strictly limited season at the Open Air Theatre.

Set in Oregon in 1850 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is the story of Adam, the eldest of seven brothers, who goes to town to get a wife. He convinces Milly to marry him that same day. They return to his backwoods home. Only then does she discover he has six brothers - all living in his cabin. Milly sets out to reform the uncouth siblings, who are anxious to get wives of their own. But, after reading about the Roman capture of the Sabine women, Adam develops an inspired solution to his brothers' loneliness... kidnap the women they want!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a glorious romp, brimful of hand clapping effervescent energy, dazzling dance routines and smash hit showstoppers by Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul, it perfectly integrates song, dance, and story. Featuring classic songs including Bless Your Beautiful Hide, Goin' Courtin', Wonderful Wonderful Day, and the dance spectacular, Barn Dance.

This production is directed by Rachel Kavanaugh with choreography by Alistair David and set and costume designs by Peter McKintosh. With book by Lawrence Kasha and David S Landsay, music by Gene de Paul and lyrics by Johnny Mercer. New songs by Al Kasha and Joel Hirshhorn. Based on the MGM film and 'The Sobbin' Women' by Stephen Vincent Benet. Originally directed on Broadway by Lawrence Kasha. Rachel Kavanaugh's West End directing credits include the new musical Love Story adapted from the novel by Erich Segal (Duchess Theatre 2010).

The weather Every theatre performance is unique, but this is especially the case here at the Open Air Theatre where both stage and auditorium seating are uncovered. It is therefore best to come prepared for all types of weather. It is particularly important to bring a jumper for the end of evening performances. Bad weather may mean that performances have to be stopped and be re-started but, on average, 94% of performances are completed each season. In the event that the performance is abandoned due to bad weather, no refunds are given, but you can exchange your tickets for a future performance. Please speak to a member of staff on the evening.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in London at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre public previews from 16 July 2015, opens on 23 July 2015 and closes on 29 August 2015

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - 2006

Previewed 10 August 2006, Opened 16 August 2006, Closed 18 November 2006 at the Haymarket Theatre in London

The classic musical starring Dave Willetts and Shona Lindsay.

The cast includes - The Brothers: Dave Willetts as 'Adam', Jay Webb as 'Gideon', Owen Woodgate as 'Caleb', Jonathon Stewart as 'Daniel', Sonny Lee Hymas as 'Ephraim', Stuart Marshall as 'Frank' and David Ball as 'Benjamin'. The Brides: Shona Lindsay as 'Milly', Natalie Langston as 'Dorcus', Jessica Punch as 'Ruth', Nikki Stokes as 'Lisa', Lucy Johnson as 'Martha', Grace Harrington as 'Sara' and Claire Louise Connolly as 'Alice'. The Suitors: Sean Hackett as 'Luke', Anthony Kirwan as 'Zeke', Adam Salter as 'Matt', Ian Goss as 'Carl', Ben Harris as 'Joel' and Ewan Jones as 'Jeb'. Along with Richard Colson as 'The Preacher', Andy Rothwellas as 'Mr Bixby', Claire Plattas as 'Mrs Bixby', Mostyn Lawrenceas as 'Mr Perkins', Victoria Gavinas as 'Mrs Perkins', James Farrar, Darren De-Biasi and Kim Harvey. It is directed by Maurice Lane with choreography by Adrian Allsopp, set designs by Charles Camm, costume designs by Natalie Cole, lighting by David Howe and sound by Glen Beckley. This production comes into London's West End following major UK tour.

"This touring production of the musical about the seven American farmers who kidnap seven women to do their skivvying is given rose-tinted nostalgic treatment. Maurice Lane's production is a hearty, thigh-slapping, cowboy bonanza as wholesome as apple pie and packed with barnstorming choreography... The whole thing is uttterly preposterous but innocently and endearingly so." The Mail on Sunday

"What's this silly old musical doing in this of all theatres? Aren't there any plays around? When Stanley Donan's MGM movie was first staged as a musical on Broadway, it was a flop, mainly, I should think, because a story as daft as this wouldn't work with live actors. When the acting is hammy, as it is here, you soon lose all hope... Some of the dancing is good, and Shona Lindsay is a poised and sweet-voiced Milly, but most of the supporting cast are amateurish." The Sunday Times

"The sheer insane zest of the 1954 film from which the musical originates distracted attention from the strangeness of the plot... Maurice Lane's production lacks the film's sharpness. But the brothers leap enthusiastically; the leads, Dave Willetts and Shona Lindsay, deal politely but firmly with Johny Mercer's songs, and this will generally make a pleasant spectacle for those partial to the sight of ripening corn." The Sunday Telegraph

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in London at the Haymarket Theatre previewed from 10 August 2006, opened on 16 August 2006 and closed on 18 November 2006.