Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

Previewed 28 August 2007, Opened 29 August 2007, Closed 8 September 2007 at the Apollo Theatre in London

Peter Schaufuss' Rolling Stones dance show Satisfaction in London for a strictly limited season

The idea behind Satisfaction is simple: take the music of the greatest rock band of all time, The Rolling Stones; blend with the extraordinary energy and genius of the legendary Danish choreographer Peter Schaufuss and his dance company, and stage it in one of the West End's most charming and intimate theatres: the Apollo Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. The show Satisfaction in London promises to be a thrilling dance show set to the brilliant singles of the Rolling Stone's first raw outpourings of creativity: each track heralds a different dance and tells its own story.

The choreographer of Satisfaction, Peter Schaufuss says: "Twenty-four of the Rolling Stones' hits and the twenty-five dancers in Satisfaction together make for a vibrant and fascinating multimedia experience of dance, music and light which capture the audience."

Under My Thumb... Play with Fire... Get Off My Cloud... Down the Road-a-Piece... Sympathy for the Devil... Time Is On My Side... As Time Goes By... Ruby Tuesday... You Can't Always Get What You Want... Paint It Black... Wild Horses... Angie... Sweet Black Angel... She's a Rainbow... Red Rooster... The Lantern... Pain in My Heart... The Worst... Mona... Streets of Love... This Place is Empty... Laugh, I Nearly Died... Like a Rolling Stone... (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Peter Schaufuss is one of the world's greatest choreographers and dancers. He graduated from the Royal Danish Ballet School, was a Director of the English National Ballet, and has held numerous artistic directorships all over the world. He founded his company just a decade ago in 1997, since when awards and praise have never ceased to envelop him and the 17 productions he's been responsible for. His dance exploration of the tragic life of Diana, Princess of Wales made the headlines two years ago, its delicate, sensitive artistry silencing criticism, and waking the British public up to the talent of its creator.

"The high-energy razzmatazz of the Peter Schaufuss Ballet, from Denmark, in their Rolling Stones 'dancical', Satisfaction, running at London's Apollo Theatre for a short season... Caricatures of the famous five by Gerald Scarfe loom over the stage; flamboyant lighting plays around the dancers and audience; and 24 of the band's songs, spanning their career and including the "greats" everybody knows and a lot more, follow fast upon each other. It is not all easy to digest. You need to know, or be able to hear, the words to pinpoint Schaufuss 's allusions to character and "situation" in the succession of vignettes, there being no all-through narrative. The big, lively, athletic ensembles and solos filled with joie de vivre come off better than the melancholy ones.. But all Schaufuss 's dancers are splendid, constantly changing costumes and styles." The Sunday Times

"Satisfaction, which maverick international ballet-dancer and choreographer Peter Schaufuss likes to call a 'dancical' - there's lots of terrific dance. It's the 'ical' bit, Schaufuss's dismal attempt to tell thestories of some two dozen Rolling Stones numbers, that disappoints. The men in their underwear in Under My Thumb might just as well be posing for Gap advertisements; Get Off Of My Cloud brings on enviably toast-rack skinny women to do uncomfortable antics on their toes; Caroline Peter, the principal dancer, may be trying to look like a flame in Play With Fire, but she left me cold... By far the best number is Johnny B Goode, all souped-up Ceroc, jumped-up jiving and rock'n'roll en pointe, totally in the spirit of the song... It is only in the encore, Like A Rolling Stone, that the dancers seem to feel the vibe and, for a moment, let it all hang out." The Mail on Sunday

"It may have delighted the Danes, but Satisfaction, Peter Schaufuss's Rolling Stones ballet, has enjoyed lukewarm houses and deservedly poisonous reviews for its two-week run on Shaftesbury Avenue. Schaufuss spent 10 years (on and off) as both dancer and director with English National (nee London Festival) Ballet in the 1970s and 1980s but he still has a lot to learn about the British theatregoer if he seriously believes that an evening trapped in a room with a 58-year-old's record collection is a natural audience-magnet. The Stones in performance is one thing, but even the most nostalgia-ridden baby-boomer would find two whole hours of indifferently amplified recordings rather heavy going... the three-minute vignettes are hopelessly episodic, strung together with no thought of theatrical pace or variety. A few meaningless motifs recur (there was a collective groan from the stalls when the mooching misery in the vest made his second appearance) but we neither knew nor cared why." The Sunday Telegraph

"The prospect of a Rolling Stones ballet held potential appeal. Alas! How quickly our hopes were dashed. How soon this marriage ended up on the rocks. Out of a strange selection of old Strolling Bones classics (Under My Thumb, Ruby Tuesday) and lesser known songs (The Worst, Streets Of Love), Peter Schaufuss has cobbled together a ramshackle vehicle in an attempt to recreate a Seventies-style "entertainment". Thus we have a backdrop of Gerald Scarfe caricatures of the band members and restless, over-emphatic lighting. Costumes consist of T-shirts, bandanas and other groovy items looted from the wardrobes of Fame and Hair... Lacking any cohesive structure, never mind a narrative, the show is a series of hermetically sealed vignettes, none of which have any discernible purpose. "The Daily Express

Peter Schaufuss' Satisfaction in London at the Apollo Theatre previewed from 28 August 2007, opened on 29 August 2007 and closed on 8 September 2007