A Round-Heeled Woman

Previewed 24 November 2011, Opened 25 November 2011, Closed 14 January 2012 at the Aldwych Theatre in London

Jane Juska's A Round-Heeled Woman in London starring Sharon Gless and adapted and directed for the stage by Jane Prowse.

Jane Juska placed an ad in The New York Review of Books which said "Before I turn 67 - next March - I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me". She received 63 replies, from men aged between 32 and 84. This play depicts some of the real-life encounters which resulted. Take a feisty, funny and unforgettable journey of love, sex, heartache and laughter in Round-Heeled Woman. Multi-award-winning actress Sharon Gless stars in this sparkling adaptation of Jane Juska's best-selling novel. It chronicles the real-life adventures she experienced after placing a rather unusual ad in the New York Review of Books.

The cast for A Round Heeled Woman in London stars Sharon Gless as 'Jane Juska' along with Michael Thomson, Neil McCaul, Barry McCarthy, Beth Cordingly and Jane Bertish. This production is directed by Jane Prowse and comes into London's West End following a run at the Riverside Studios in West London from 18 October to 20 November 2011.

"Sharon Gless taps into the despair in A Round-Heeled Woman. The former Cagney & Lacey star plays une femme d'un certain age who seeks respite from the gloom in a bottle of red wine each evening at 7, and, eventually, placing a personal ad in The New York Review of Books. After she meets a motley collection of gents, it dawns on her that no amount of sleeping around is going to make up for what is really missing in her life. It is an intriguing, well-timed piece which is written and directed with great assurance by Jane Prowse. If it has a message, it is that we must like it or lump it." The Sunday Telegraph

"Juska's book, and now Jane Prowse's frank yet tasteful stage adaptation, recounts her experiences with various respondents. There was the cabby who misunderstood the Trollope reference as a declaration of sluttishness, the 82-year-old who stole her stars-and-stripes undies as a trophy, and, more sombrely, the guy who strung her along and the one who bedded her just before his CAT scan. She also portrays the friends from home in Berkeley, California, who in all other respects are liberal and supportive but who are frankly shocked first by the ad itself and later by her revelation that one of the most likely candidates is half her age... The upbeat two-strand conclusion (involving Juska's son and the younger man respectively) seems tacked on after such a series of misfortunes. The ending doesn't justify the means." The Financial Times

"Adapted from a memoir of the same title, it tells a chapter of author Jane Juska's life with sometimes heart-breaking honesty... Sharon Gless, who was the blonde detective Cagney in Cagney & Lacey, plays Juska. Her white hair cropped short and sassy, she begins dressed in scarlet and lying on her bed, talking dirty on the phone with a total stranger. Between dates (the play covers five), she addresses the audience directly as if we're her best and trusted friends. Both laughter and tears are plentiful... A versatile cast pop up in a plethora of parts but this is Gless' show. Frank, feisty and funny, she takes us with her on Juska's extraordinary journey, and ensures we're gunning for her every inch of the way." The Mail on Sunday

A Round-Heeled Woman in London at the Aldwych Theatre previewed from 24 November 2011, opened on 25 November 2011 and closed on 14 January 2012.