Ross Noble: Things

Opened 14 September 2009, Closed 24 October 2009 at the Apollo Theatre in London

After an extensive UK tour during Spring 2009, Ross Nobel returns to London's West End for a strictly limited six week season at the Apollo Theatre

In his this new show Ross Noble will be covering the topic of things - big things and small things. Things that have happened to him, things that have happened to you. Surfing the wave of the here and now, join 'the most brilliant stand-up of his generation' (Sunday Telegraph) in a free form, freewheeling ride into the way things are. PLEASE NOTE: Suitable for ages 14 plus.

"Ross Noble's act, as he prowls the stage in front of a giant, inflatable, four-headed nightmare, is largely a stream of images inspired by whoever he spots in the audience. Material included someone who's seen the Thriller Live show 117 times, two Egyptian estate agents, and a painter of dogs - Noble's lightning-fast brain serves up compassionate insanity. He's up there with Eddie Izzard and Morecambe and Wise. Catch him if you can." The News of the World

Ross Noble in London at the Apollo Theatre opened on 14 September 2009 and closed on 24 October 2009

Ross Noble: Noodlemeister 2004

Opened 3 September 2004, Closed 2 October 2004 at the Apollo Theatre in London

One of the UK's most exciting comedians, Ross Noble is a former Perrier Award nominee and a Time Out award winner for best live stand-up and has won a shed load of other prestigious awards and nominations. At last year's Edinburgh Festival his show Unrealtime was the official best-selling show on the fringe, before transferring to London's West End for a month long season at The Garrick Theatre where it played to packed houses and received rave reviews. Ross's many TV appearances include Johnny Vaughan Tonight, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, and Have I Got News For You, and he has presented his own BBC Radio 4 series Ross Noble Goes Global. PLEASE NOTE: >Suitable for ages 16 plus.

"When he is at the peak of his form, there is a wonderful innocence about the Geordie stand-up; his comedy is juvenile in the better sense of that word. Less interested in observational humour than the stray notions rattling around the recesses of his mind, he revels in asking pointless questions... Noble never tires of interrupting himself halfway through a routine. Thoughts go unfinished, punch lines are endlessly mislaid. Constantly circling himself, he recycles random comments and eccentric physical gestures. He is Tourette's syndrome reworked for comic purposes. As in his last West End show, however, the pacing remains a problem. In the first half of the evening, we cannot resist following every twist and turn of his restless imagination. After the interval, Noble starts all over again, the material begins to sag ever so gently, and a laddish note creeps in. The laughter still rings out, but it contains a faint note of weariness too as the clock moves on. Reluctant to leave the stage, Noble returns for a question-and-answer session at the end. He still manages to land a crisp punch or two, but he would give us more if he gave us less." The Times

Ross Noble in London at the Apollo Theatre opened 3 September 2004 and closed on 2 October 2004

Ross Noble: Unrealtime 2003

Opened 1 September 2003, closed 27 September 2003 at the Garrick Theatre in London

Tickets for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival season [from 1 to 23 August 2003] proved to be one of the Festival's fastest selling tickets - proving how popular the Geordie comedian's live shows have become and enabling him to secure the transfer of Unrealtime to a prime venue in the heart of London's Theatreland.

During the past few years Ross has cherry-picked the very best TV and Radio slots, appearing on Have I Got News For You, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross and Johnny Vaughan Tonight, as well as BBC Radio 4's Just A Minute and his own series Ross Noble Goes Global. In spite of his growing 'celebrity' status, Noble much prefers to work live and spend his time touring the world. Following the London season of Unrealtime, Noble will be taking the show on tour throughout the UK before heading to the Southern Hemisphere for a 3 month tour of Australia.

"Ross Noble must have the most lucrative subconscious in showbusiness. The biggest-selling act on this year's Edinburgh fringe, the Geordie stand-up returns to the West End with another evening of incongruous, largely extemporised comedy. At his best, his fever of free association steers him towards some irresistibly ridiculous comic scenarios. But there are longueurs in this two-and-a-half hour set. And when Noble's not being funny, there's nothing to fall back on... Noble's set, a garden full of triffid-like flowers, is appropriate: gaudy, dreamlike and nothing to do with anything. But his rapport with his audience, his uninhibited imagination and his technical impro-skill are spectacles in themselves. You may, like me, hanker for meaning. But this is probably as much fun as something totally meaningless can be." The Guardian

Ross Noble in London at the Garrick Theatre opened on 1 September 2003 and closed on 27 September 2003.