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Opened 22 July 2006, Closed 25 February 2007 at the Duke of York's Theatre in London

Tom Stoppard's new play Rock'n'Roll in London directed by Trevor Nunn.

Tom Stoppard's Rock'n'Roll spans the recent history of Czechoslovakia between the Prague Spring in 1968 and the Velvet Revolution in 1990, but from the double perspective of Prague, where a rock and roll band came to symbolize resistance to the regime, and the British left, represented by a Communist philosopher at Cambridge.

"Tom Stoppard's extraordinary, epic drama of politics, persecution and protest in Trevor Nunn's impassioned production" The London Evening Standard

The cast for Rock'n'Roll in London features David Calder, Emma Fielding and Dominic West with Ben Addis, Nicola Bryant, Fiona Button, Martin Chamberlain, Jason Courtis, Dolya Gavanski, Mark Lingwood, Sarah Pearman and Peter Sullivan. It is directed by Trevor Nunn with set designs by Robert Jones, costumes by Emma Ryott, lighting by Howard Harrison and sound by Ian Dickinson. This production comes into London's West End following a sell-out six week season at The Royal Court Theatre from June to July 2006.

"Astonishing... Stoppard's play finds hope in the liberating spirit of rock'n'roll" The Guardian

"Tom Stoppard has written one of the great political plays in the English language, and like all great political plays, it resonates with humanity... The play has two great themes. One is the cost of integrity... The other theme is the nature of freedom... Rock 'n' Roll echoes with Stoppard's humour: sad, acid, elegant and subversive... Trevor Nunn's production is a masterpiece of lucidity, intelligence and feeling." The Sunday Times

"Glorious... more than rock'n'roll - I love it!" The Daily Telegraph

"A good Tom Stoppard play makes you realise how emaciated so much new writing is... Rock'n'Roll makes you think, laugh and groove to teh sounds of The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd, not in equal measure, but nevertheless, it's a profoundly satisfying mix... This play is not only rock 'n' roll - it's extremely demanding, but you'll like it." The Mail on Sunday

"Uplifting... a classic Tom Stoppard creation" The Daily Mail

"The trouble is everything whizzes by so hurriedly that this piece barely get to grips with its manifold ideas... That said, the ambitious scope of Rock and Roll is always interesting... Stoppard and Nunn also engagingly combine politics with intimacy, wit and a wonderful closing surge of romance and fresh hope." The Independent on Sunday

"The hottest ticket in town, is so flush with feeling that it never seems to stop trembling" The New York Times

"In Rock'n'Roll, Tom Stoppard is talking about revolution. Political revolution, revolution in consciousness - and rpm. In his most fully rounded, juiciest play since Arcadia, he has put on stage 25 years of Czech history, Leftist disappointment and rock music. In doing so he has created the hottest and celebest of theatrical tickets... Tom Stoppard brings alive the political history of the Eastern bloc, and makes vivid a number of paths not taken." The Observer

Rock'n'Roll in London at the Duke of York's Theatre opened on 22 July 2006 and closed on 25 February 2007.