Ring Round the Moon

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Previewed 5 February 2008, Opened 19 February 2008, Closed 29 March 2008 at the Playhouse Theatre in London

A major revival of Jean Anouilh's 1947 comedy Ring Round the Moon in London starring Angela Thorne, Belinda Lang, Peter Eyre and Leigh Lawson.

Identical twins, Hugo and Frederic, could not be more different; Hugo appears heartless and aloof whilst his brother is thoughtful and diffident. As Hugo prepares an evening of charades and facade at the Spring Ball, he little expects to be outplayed by his wily Aunt, who resolves his games with unexpectedly happy results. Ring Round The Moon is a comedy of mistaken identity, manners and mannerisms and affairs of the heart. Witty, charming and madcap, the play is set at a glamorous society dance in 1950s France and played out under the dazzling lights of a winter garden.

The cast for Ring Round the Moon in London features Angela Thorne as 'Madame Desmortes', Belinda Lang as 'Mother', Leigh Lawson as 'Messerschmann', John Ramm as 'Romainville', Peter Eyre as Joshua' and JJ Field as 'Hugo / Frederic' with Emily Bruni as 'Lady India', Fiona Button as 'Isabelle', Joanna David as 'Capulet', Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as 'Diana' and Andrew Havill as 'Patrice'. Jean Anouilh's comedy is adapted by Christopher Fry and directed by Sean Mathias with designs by Colin Richmond, lighting by Mark Henderson, music by Jason Carr and sound by Gregory Clarke. Sean Mathias' credits include the play Cowardice.

"Cinderella meets tions of mistaken identity; a romance with nods to Pygmalion in Jean Anouilh's preposterously plotted Ring Round The Moon. Although the exquisite couture gowns are to die for, the rest of Sean Mathias's revival is insufficiently scintillating. However, there are performances to enjoy from Peter Eyre as the imperturbable butler and Belinda Lang as the vulgarian with verbal diarrhoea and aspirations for her daughter Isabelle." The Mail on Sunday

"The evening feels like grazing on Laduree macaroons (pistachio and rose petal, mostly), though Sean Mathias's revival pushes the fitful satire. Setting it near the time of writing (1947) lets the women work delicious New Look costumes. But it makes the nouveau Jew from Krakow an incongruous figure - it's a miracle he's alive in post-war France, let alone a millionaire. The principal pleasures are in Christopher Fry's exquisite translation and a lovely cast of eccentrics." The Sunday Times

"Jean Anouilh's play - set by Sean Mathias in the 1950s - is an edgy concoction; a farce that mocks the conventions of mistaken identity; a romance with nods to Pygmalion and Cinderella; and a satire that lampoons the world of Mammon. Anouilh moves with clockwork precision between these various genres, never allowing one to dominate, and Mathias does his best to keep up... And there are some brilliant set pieces, a wardrobe-full of glam, and, in Christopher Fry's translation some - and I stress some - laugh-out-loud moments of Wildean wit." The Sunday Telegraph

Ring Round the Moon in London at the Playhouse Theatre previewed from 5 February 2008, opened on 19 February 2008 and closed on 29 March 2008.