Rat Pack Confidential

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Previewed 16 September 2003, opened 18 September 2003, closed 15 November 2003 at the Whitehall Theatre in London (now Trafalgar Studios 1)

They were the coolest, richest men in Hollywood; the most famous entertainers on the planet and they made the rules. Their world was full of power, talent and charm, illegal gambling, private jets, gin palaces, and girls to excess.

This was showbiz. This was The Rat Pack.

Adapted from Shawn Levy's gripping best-seller, Rat Pack Confidential uncovers the real world of Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter and Joey - the clothes, the film stars, the politicians, the hookers, the money, the music and the mob. Have a drink, take a seat and let the music draw you into the intoxicating world of The Rat Pack.

Please note that this is a different show to musical tribute concert The Rat Pack which is at The Strand Theatre.