The Rat Pack: Live From Las Vegas

Opened 18 March 2003, Closed 24 May 2003 at the Haymarket Theatre
Transferred 1 July 2003, Closed 28 May 2005 at the Strand Theatre (now Novello Theatre)
Transferred 3 June 2005, Closed 12 August 2006 at the Savoy Theatre
Previewed 24 September 2009, Opened 28 September 2009, Closed 2 January 2010 at the Adelphi Theatre
Previewed 20 December 2011, Opened 21 December 2011, Closed 21 January 2012 at the Wyndham's Theatre
Opened 13 December 2017, Closed 3 February 2018 at the Haymarket Theatre

They're back! The coolest party in town! Frank, Sammy and Dean AKA The Rat Pack in London for a special limited holiday season

This spectacular musical production celebrates the incredible singing talent of three world famous entertainers and performers Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr and Dean Martin, known as The Rat Pack. Their unique contribution to 20th Century popular music is second to none. Frank, Sammy and Dean all received critical acclaim in the late 50s and early 60s when they stormed the world and stayed at the top. The Rat Pack were a force to be reckoned with, an inexhaustible energy which is as apparent in their music today as it ever was.

With a talented cast and on stage orchestra, take a trip back to the glamorous, hot, glitzy nights of Las Vegas. Experience Frank, Sammy and Dean's world in this sensationally staged production that brings the music and lives of these legendary characters together again.

Christmas with the Rat Pack - a spectacular festive production of the show - will run from Wednesday 13 December 2017 to Saturday 6 January 2018 when the show will feature a host of seasonal classics such as Baby it's Cold Outside; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; Let it Snow, Let it Snow; White Christmas; and Winter Wonderland.

The Rat Pack: Live from Las Vegas - the spectacular standard production of the show - will run from 9 January 2018 to 3 February 2018 when the show will feature a host of popular classics such The Lady is a Tramp; Mr Bojangles; That's Amore; I've Got You Under My Skin; What Kind of fool Am I; Volare; and My Way.

Featuring the 'Rat Pack' Big Band along with The Burelli Sisters. Directed and choreographed by Mitch Sebastian with sets by Sean Cavanagh and vocal and musical supervision by Matthew Freeman.

After a number of 'one night only' shows in various London West End theatres, The Rat Pack: Live From Las Vegas in London was presented at the Haymarket Theatre where it opened on 18 March 2003 and closed on 24 May 2003 following which it transferred to the Strand Theatre (now Novello Theatre) from 1 July 2003 through to 28 May 2005 before transferring again, this time to the Savoy Theatre where it played from 3 June 2005 up to 12 August 2006. The production has returned to London's West End for two futher seasons - firstly to the Adelphi Theatre when it previewed from 24 September 2009, opened on 28 September 2009 and closed on 2 January 2010 and again the following year at the Wyndham's Theatre when it previewed from 20 December 2011, opened on 21 December 2011 and closed on 21 January 2012 - for an amazing total West End run of just over 3-and-a-half-years.

"The Rat Pack presents us with what pretends to be a concert at the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, staged by three of the celebrated hell-raising rodents - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr. It could easily have been a lowering experience, but thanks to high-powered performances and an agreeable corny ambience - which includes some shapely showgirls - it turns out to be fun... And although you can see Sinatra's rendition of 'My Way' coming towards you all evening, I must admit that when it finally showed up I rather enjoyed it." The Sunday Telegraph

"For those of you still hoping to catch Frank Sinatra and his legendary Rat Pack live - it's too late. But for the next best thing don't miss the finest tribute I've seen. It claims to be live from Las Vegas. But it is nothing of the sort. It's three British singers brilliantly recreating the magic of Sinatra's finest hour... All the old favourites had the entire audience tapping their toes and humming along... The band are top notch and the scantily clad backing singers, The Berelli Sisters, really make things swing. Such nostalgic excellence forged a special atmosphere as we all forgot we were not actually in the presence of the originals... I raise my glass to them. And to the talented team who honour their memory." The Daily Mirror

"It's not live exactly, since Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr are no longer with us, but The Rat Pack, Live From Las Vegas is as good as it's gonna get. 'It don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that swing,' sang Ella Fitzgerald. Fortunately, this spot-on soundalike and vaguely lookalike trio of impersonators have it in spades. Without a doubt, my applause was for the legends, some of the best numbers ever written, a first-rate 12-piece band and three of the most glamorous backing singers, pictured left, you will ever come across. But the talented actors playing Frank, Dean and Sammy also deserve considerable praise. Indeed, they've got so deep into the heart of them, they're really a part of them, warts and all. The warts come in the sexist, racist gags the guys share during this recreation of their show at the Sands casino... The show properly hits its stride after the interval when Frank flies us to the moon, but he saves the best until last, with Mack The Knife and That's Life. Then the end is near and he must face the final curtain, and you wish they would all stay around a bit longer. Toe-tappin', fingerclickin' entertainment." The Mail on Sunday

Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to an evening of cool nostalgia of the highest calibre. 1960. Las Vegas. The greatest singer in the history of American popular music summons a group of friends there to make a movie. A laid-back singer of Italian songs, ex-partner to the most popular film comedian of his day; a short, black, Jewish, one-eyed singing and dancing phenomenon; an uppercrust British lad turned B-movie star actor and brother-in-law to an up-and-coming politician; a Bronx-born comic-cum-emcee with a flair for punchy one-liners. This was 'The Rat Pack'.

"We're not setting out to make Hamlet or Gone With the Wind. The idea is to hang out together, find fun with broads, and have a great time. We gotta make pictures people enjoy." Frank Sinatra

"Between us we knew everyone in show business." Sammy Davis Jr

"The satisfaction I get out of working with these two bums is that we have more laughs than the audience." Dean Martin

The original Rat Pack gathered around Humphrey Bogart in the mid-1950s and included the young Frank Sinatra. It was Lauren Bacall who coined the phrase 'Rat Pack' after she saw the state of Bogart and his friends after a typical night out. After Bogart's death in 1957, Sinatra missed the camaraderie and the fun, so he got his own pack together: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop and they called themselves The Clan. Sinatra decided this wasn't quite right, so they went back to using Bogart's original old gang name, The Rat Pack.

Sinatra gathered them all together in 1960 to film a casino robbery caper called Ocean's Eleven. Most of the filming took place at The Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and it was decided that, each night, either Frank, Sammy or Dean would do two shows in the casino, at 8pm and at midnight.

Soon the solo performances turned into cabarets of ad-libbing, mock-heckling, quips, jokes and, of course, terrific singing. The Rat Pack called their act 'The Summit' and The Sands became the coolest nightspot in the world. News spread of this unique stage set in Las Vegas and famous friends of the Rat Pack would fly out to catch the show. The thousands of tourists who also flew out in the hope of getting one of the hottest tickets in town might be rewarded by an unbilled performance by one of these friends, maybe Bob Hope or Shirley MacLaine.

The Rat Pack were larger than life both offstage and on, their partying, gambling and womanising was legendary. It was a unique collision of time, place and people - and the incredible energy, camaraderie and sheer talent proves as compelling now as it was then.

The Rat Pack in London at the Haymarket Theatre opened on 13 December 2017 and closed on 3 February 2018