Puppetry of the Penis

Previewed 18 September 2000, Opened 21 September 2000, Closed 6 January 2001 at the Trafalgar Studios (was Whitehall Theatre)
Returned 4 October 2004, Closed 23 October 2004 at the Apollo Theatre

The ancient art of genital origami Puppetry of the Penis in London for a limited three week season

See the Loch Ness Monster!... Be blown away by the Windsurfer!... Coax the Slow Emerging Mollusc from its shell! Puppetry of the Penis features two Australians who manipulate their manhood into various shapes, objects and landmarks - yes, seriously!! And don't worry - a video camera projects the intimate detail of the phenomena onto a large screen ensuring little can be missed.

The cast features David Friend and Simon Morley, hosted by Hattie Hayridge. Written and devised by David Friend and Simon Morley and directed by Tim Fountain. This production returns to London's West End following a successful three-and-a-half month season at the Whitehall Theatre in 2000.

PLEASE NOTE: Contains nudity of a non-sexual nature.

"After some coy preamble and not a little undercape shuffling, the audience shares a collective intake of breath. Suddenly, the capes are thrown off, leaving the naked men free to disport their genitalia, mimicking the shapes of everything from the Eiffel Tower to a didgeridoo. It's hard to imagine such exhibitionist behaviour being described as either charming or clever but this is, a little disturbingly, the case. Within 10 minutes of the puppeteering pair being on stage, you've almost forgotten that they are, aside from neat socks and trainers, butt naked. Their impression of 'joey in the pouch' actually drew affectionate 'ahhhhs' from the audience and their hungry 'baby bird' was of National Geographic standards." The Independent

"The title of this show, a hit at the Edinburgh Festival, says it all. Demonstrating 'the ancient art of genital origami', it features two Australians manipulating their private parts into as many shapes as they can manage. In the course of 50 minutes, we're presented with a variety of 'installations', including the 'atomic mushroom', 'the boomerang' and the ball-breaking 'hamburger', all projected in their contorted glory on a big screen behind them. Infantile? Yes. Pornographic? Not really... In fact, sex is the last thing on your mind, especially after seeing David Friend's alarmingly accurate impression of a cold piece of fried chicken." The Times

"'There is,' the puppeteers admit, 'only so much you can do on stage with a couple of testicles and a penis', though the amount they manage to do beggars belief. Wearing only trainers, sun-hats and big smiles, they turn their backs on the audience to arrange each new 'installation', producing results that range from the ridiculous to what seems like the physically impossible... It's a show of infectiously ribald pleasure, and Simon Morley and David Friend have outgoing Aussie personalities that are as big as their very public privates." The Daily Telegraph

Puppetry of the Penis in London at the Trafalgar Studios (was Whitehall Theatre) previewed from 18 September 2000, opened on 21 September 2000 and closed on 6 January 2001, returned to the Apollo Theatre from 4 October 2004 and closed on 23 October 2004