Peter Pan El Musical

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Previewed 28 March 2008, Opened 31 March 2008, Closed 27 April 2008 at the Garrick Theatre in London

Direct from Spain Peter Pan El Musical in London starring Miguel Angel Gamero

Peter Pan El Musical, which is performed entirely in Spanish with English surtitles, is a family show and is suitable for children of all ages. Adapted by Cristina Fargas, the show remains faithful to JM Barrie's story and includes 14 original songs. The cast of 25 is led by Spanish musical theatre star Miguel Angel Gamero as 'Captain Hook' and 'Mr Darling'.

This Spanish language musical adaptation of JM Barrie's famous children's story Peter Pan in London has already enjoyed hugh box office success in Spain playing over 1,000 performances to some 1,000,000 people! Peter Pan the Musical features all the familiar characters from the classic story including Wendy, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and Peter Pan himself. Please Note: It is expected that this musical production will be using a pre-recorded backing track for the music.

"One can certainly see the attractions for Spanish production company Theatre Properties of turning J.M. Barrie's classic into a musical, but the reasoning behind importing it in its original form into the West End is a puzzler... Oh, but what a performance from Miguel Angel Gamero as the captain! His eyes (when visible) burn, and in song he hits sustained high notes reminiscent of no stage performer so much as Rob Halford of heavy metal band Judas Priest... Little of the production is dire in itself but the whole affair is enmeshed in infelicities of transfer: neither the adaptation nor the production has travelled at all well." The Financial Times

"Spectacular ... sensational ... extraordinary... played to a million people in Spain ... The boasts on the Garrick facade are so over the top that you expect this Peter Pan to be far more of El Musical than what it turns out to be: a heavily cut version of Barrie with decor that looks as if it has been substituted at the last moment for sets still with the baggage handlers at Terminal 5... The surtitles aren't kind to the lyrics... Cesar Constanti's music is a lot brighter. Other pluses include some lively dancing by mermaids who then stand on their heads waving their tails, Indians chanting 'hinha hula, Peter Pan' and pirates who appear to have enrolled a couple of sumo wrestlers - and the acting of Miguel Antelo, a Peter who exudes breezy, callow charm as he spins round the stage. But Cristina Fargas, who both adapted and directed, has made choices that don't increase the tension and excitement the show crucially lacks. The Times

Regarding the proposed use of a backing track to provide the music for this West End musical production, a spokesperson for The Musicians Union said: "The UK producers approached the Musicians Union to seek permission for Peter Pan El Musical to come into town. We made it quite clear that there was an opportunity for our members, or Spanish musicians for that matter, to secure four weeks' employment. The Union regards the use of live musicians as paramount in live theatre. We raised objections but it appeared that the contract for the show to come into London had already been signed, negating the due process required under the conditions of the agreement. The Spanish producers have made it quite clear that they could not afford to employ a live band despite reports that the cost of the West End run would be in the region of 1million. However, they have stated they will employ a solo foyer musician for the duration of the run."

Peter Pan El Musical in London at the Garrick Theatre previewed from 28 March 2008, opened on 31 March 2008 and closed on 27 April 2008.