Previewed 13 June 2000, Opened 15 June 2000, Closed 29 July 2000 at the Apollo Theatre in London

The new comedy musical from the creators of the television series Friends - Personals in London

Six lonely-hearts are looking for love in New York's personal columns. Will Claire get neighbourly with the guy next door? Will Louis's self-help tape help him press the right buttons with Louise? Will recently divorced Kim ever put the man back into Manhattan?... This comedy-musical set in New York, explores the perils and pleasures of blind dating, the merits of 'going it alone', and the desolate yearning for that special someone.

The cast features Cameron Blakely, Marcus Allen Cooper, Carmen Cusack, Christina Fry, Martin Callaghan and Vicki Simon. Directed by Dion McHugh. Musical revue with book and lyrics by David Crane, Seth Friedman and Martin Kauffman, music by William Dreskin, Joel Phillip Friedman, Seth Friedman, Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz and Michael Skloff.

"Personals, as in personal advertisements, in lonely hearts columns, have nothing to do with love but everything to do with cries for company. Verging on Stephen Sondheim territory, this neat little mid-Eighties off-Broadway show was put together by the creators of Friends, the long-running TV comedy series. You can see their pedigree in the inter-connecting, sweet and sardonic romantic musical snapshots... Dion McHugh's production sits happily in the intimate Apollo Theatre. And the cast is superb." The Daily Mail

"Personals is charming, full of energy and well-groomed. It's also on the thin side of slender, not as funny as it thinks it is and lacking in anything serious to say. It's easy on the ear and easy on the eye, but it's also easy on the mind. And, let's face it, most of us are looking for that little bit more from a relationship. Personals takes the shape of a musical comedy revue focusing on the sorry plight of lonely hearts in New York. The book and lyrics are by the team behind the phenomenally successful TV series Friends, which means they are full of that brittle New York humour and wistful Big City blues. What it doesn't mean is that the show is as funny or as smart as Friends... It is the cast and on-stage band that carry the day, both of which inject an energy and wit into the show that lifts this pretty limp material. Indeed, one irony is that the six performers are so appealing that it is hard to believe that they cannot get a date. They are strong singers all... Their performances are endearing and the staging by Dion McHugh is silky, polished and droll. But a second date? I'd stay home and wash my hair." The Financial Times

Personals in London at the Apollo Theatre previewed from 13 June 2000, opened on 15 June 2000 and closed on 29 July 2000