On The Waterfront

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On The Waterfront in London at the Haymarket Theatre previewed 28 January 2009, opened 12 February 2009 and closed 25 April 2009.

A major stage production of the classic story On The Waterfront in London directed by and starring Steven Berkoff.

"I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody." - On The Waterfront is the classic story of beleaguered boxer bum Terry Malloy's fight against the New York underworld. After throwing too many fights Terry is now working on the docks and in the pay of mobster Johnny Friendly. Unwittingly implicated in a murder, facing conflicting feelings of guilt and pragmatism, he is forced to make a decision when falling for the dead man's sister. Best known for the multi-Oscar winning film starring Marlon Brando, Steven Berkoff now brings this iconic work to the London stage directing a 12 strong ensemble with his trademark style of bold physical theatre.

The cast for On The Waterfront in London features Steven Berkoff as 'Johnny Friendly', Simon Merrells as 'Terry Malloy', Vincenzo Nicoli as 'Father Barry', Coral Beed as 'Edie Doyle' and Antony Byrne as 'Charley Malloy' along with Alexander Thomas, Ian Gofton, Sean Buckley, Alex McSweeny, Dominic Grant, Alex Giannini and Gavin Marshall. It is directed by Steven Berkoff with set designs by Jason Southgate, costume designs by Helen Fownes-Davies, lighting by Mike Robertson and music by Mark Glentworth. On The Waterfront is adapted from the multi-Oscar winning film by Budd Shulberg and Stan Silverman by Steven Berkoff and comes into London's West End following seasons last year in Edinburgh and Nottingham.

"While the film inevitably casts a pretty long shadow, Steven Berkoff's production emerges from behind it, reinvented afresh in thrilling theatrical terms. Gone is the realism of the film and Bernstein's music. Instead we have expressionism, stylisation and Mark Glentworth's tense and atmospheric new score with lots of drumming. Here - against the striking silhouette of a huge, symbolically toppled Statue of Liberty with a docker's hook in her hand - the overcoated dockers move as one, in extra-slow motion, whispering, plotting, dancing to the tune of Berkoff's intimidating and ruthless Johnny Friendly. And it's from this body that Terry dares to cut off himself. You have to imagine the props, the cars, the cigarettes, the coffins, the guns. A talented group of actors, many of whom have the chipped and mashed profiles of former boxers, even rise to the comic challenge of enacting a coop of cooing, rumbling pigeons... If only it involved one as much as it impresses." The Mail on Sunday

"This is one of the most exciting and impressive shows in the West End. Steven Berkoff's production of Budd Schulberg's famous script is not a servile stage imitation but a creative reimagining of one of the greatest American films. It is like a vivid, angry, expressionist stage-poem, deeply felt but fiercely controlled, in which group movement, like some passionately sculpted ballet, fuels and drives the story." The Sunday Times

On The Waterfront at the Haymarket Theatre in London previewed from 28 January 2009, opened on 12 February 2009 and closed on 25 April 2009.