Old Times

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Previewed 12 January 2013, Opened 31 January 2013, Closed 6 April 2013 at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London

A major revival of Harold Pinter's play Old Times in London starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Rufus Sewell and Lia Williams and directed by Ian Rickson.

In an isolated country house a husband and wife are visited by her friend who she hasn't seen for 20 years. During the course of the evening they reminisce about their earlier lives in London... but each remembers the events differently. In a darkly erotic drama, set around a triangular power-struggle, the past becomes present.

The cast for this revival features Rufus Sewell playing 'Deeley' with Kristin Scott Thomas and Lia Williams alternating the roles of 'Kate' and 'Anna'. The production is directed by Ian Rickson with designs by Hildegard Bechtler, lighting by Peter Mumford and sound by Paul Groothuis.

"Ian Rickson's revival places the trio - Deeley, his wife, Kate, and Kate's old London flatmate, Anna - in Deeley and Kate's lonely, hazily lit house by the sea. Their talk is of the past: old times in London, where the women were young secretaries, and how Kate and Deeley met and fell in love at a matinee of the film Odd Man Out, the only people in the cinema. Or so Deeley says. So how come Anna claims she was there too? Precisely what is going on is hard to pin down. Are these women real, or is Deeley reliving a male fantasy in which the women are competing for him? Is Anna the ghost of a memory that is pulling the couple apart? Part of this production's pleasure is that while it eludcs definitive interpretation, it demands attention. This revival is all the more mesmerising for having one of our most hypnotic actors, Kristin Scott Thomas, in the cast. But Rickson has made this into something of a theatrical event with Scott Thomas and Lia Williams playing Kate and Anna on alternate nights... What might have begun as a gimmick turns out to be a revelation - but you will have to pay to see it twice to discover why." The Mail on Sunday

"It is right that the first Pinter play to be performed at the theatre recently renamed in the late playwright's honour should be one of his most illusive, not to say deeply baffling... It's both frustrating and totally gripping: Kristin Scott Thomas is an alabaster enigma as Kate; Rufus Sewell, brilliantly blokeish, pugilistic and vulnerable as Deeley; and Lia Williams a leggy seductress in a blue coat dress. On both random and selected nights, Scott Thomas and Williams will swap roles, suggesting that these women may be two figments of Deeley's imagination in a vexed psychodrama. It is at once cool, passionate and deeply unnerving, and I'd like to go back again and again until I can work out exactly what's going on." The Sunday Telegraph

"Old Times can feel like a particularly airless artifice, in which its three characters are trapped in a deadening endgame of psychological warfare. But you can't fault the acting here, or the clean, merciless lines of Rickson's production, as Kate's husband Deeley and Anna compete to claim ownership, through the superiority of memory, of the virtually silent Kate... Against Hildegard Bechtler's painterly set Rickson's production has a particularly claustrophobic feel, the repeated visual motifs playing out like an enervating nightmare" Metro

Old Times in London at the Harold Pinter Theatre previewed from 12 January 2013, opened on 31 January 2013 and closed on 6 April 2013.