The Nutcracker on Ice

Previewed 24 October 2013, Opened 25 October 2013, Closed 3 November 2013 at the London Palladium
Returned 28 December 2015, Closed 2 January 2016 at the Royal Albert Hall in London

The Imperial Ice Stars present The Nutcracker on Ice in London for a strictly limited one week Christmas Season at the Royal Albert Hall.

The international ice dance sensation The Imperial Ice Stars return for a third triumphant season to 4,000 square feet of ice at the Royal Albert Hall, for 12 performances only.

Join Marie in a shimmering winter wonderland as her dreams lead her on a fantastical journey through a world where nothing is quite as it seems. Against a backdrop of colourful sets, lavish costumes, flying, acrobatics, magic tricks and special effects, she meets the magician Drosselmeyer, the Mouse King, her Nutcracker Prince and the beautiful Lilac Fairy.

Set against a backdrop of colourful projections, opulent costumes, magic tricks and special effects, the cast of World, European and National Championship-level skaters dance to Tchaikovsky’s glorious score performed by a live orchestra.

Breathtaking high speed leaps, heart stopping throws and awe-inspiring acrobatics combine with sublime ice dance makes this special ice production a festive treat that will thrill and enchant all ages. Over the last ten years the award-winning troupe has thrilled audiences across five continents with their adrenaline-rich performances, receiving nightly standing ovations and outstanding international reviews.

The Imperial Ice Stars made their West End debut with The Nutcracker on Ice in October 2013 when it played for a season of 14 performances at the London Palladium when the show previewed from 24 October 2013, opened on 25 October 2013 and closed on 3 November 2013. ITV's Dancing on Ice stars Keith Chegwin and Olga Sharutenko joined a 26-strong cast for the 2013 run at the Palladium.

"The company of mainly Russian championship skaters known as the Imperial Ice Stars are getting the jump on the Christmas season with this, their fourth frozen-floored adaptation of a ballet warhorse. Previous productions of The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and Cinderella on ice have all been of a high standard. Their latest offering is a smooth, brightly designed and undemanding pleasure... More problematic is the casting of the veteran TV personality Keith Chegwin as Herr Drosselmeyer. His flighty assistant is Olga Sharutenko... Although he acquits himself nicely here both as skater and even as magician, with his dark-framed glasses, jolly-uncle grin and mouthing of silent dialogue, Chegwin sticks out as a figure utterly lacking in mystery. Better to focus on Anastasia Ignatyeva's sturdy but elegant, innately musical heroine Marie. She skates like a dream. Bogdan Berezenko partners her with panache in duets that crown each of two acts. But then all of this spirited troupe's regular members perform with seeming effortlessness, including Fiona Kirk and Volodymyr Khodakivskyy, whose aerial turn as the Arabian couple is a literal and figurative high point." The Times 2013

"These Russians are dynamite. Anastasia Ignatyeva's Marie, a youngster who learns about love one Christmas Night, and Bogdan Berezenko as the Nutcracker Prince, her object of desire, create a moving emotional bond... Even though comedian Keith Chegwin's solution as spell-spinning Herr Drosselmeyer, was to take to the wires and fly, he experienced distinctly unenchanting and probably painful collisions with the scenery. The disciplined cast did what they could but showing off individually at the evening's end was clearly a huge relief." Sunday Express 2013

"The company, predominantly made up of professional Russian skaters, cannot be faulted for their athleticism but the acrobatics and high-speed moves do little to serve the story. The crucial exceptions are Anastasia Ignatyeva and Bogdan Berezenko, who are enchanting as Marie and her Nutcracker Prince. When the stage clears for them to twirl together, seemingly effortless, they show grace and intimacy. In these all-too-brief sequences the production becomes something more than a stunt show." The London Evening Standard 2013

"Magic isn't in short supply when The Imperial Ice Stars - a Russian supertroupe made up of award-winning world-class skaters - tackle ballet's best-known classic... It's never less than a gripping spectacle. The story is dramatically told, the scenery spectacular and the performances out of this world. But while ballet lovers will love it, other theatregoers especially those with a taste for Cirque De Soleil-type feats of physical brilliance, will be dazzled. Superb." The News of the World - Swan Lake on Ice

"Sleeping Beauty on Ice's nationwide tour has launched to almost sell-out audiences, and critics are about as significant to it as gnats to a rhino. The magic word here is 'ice'. People just love watching skating, and Sleeping Beauty on Wood (ie, the ballet version) can only dream of such box-office appeal... As someone who requires Alan Weeks to tell me when it's a double axel or a triple salchow, I find the concept of 'Olympic' skating in a 'ballet' on a 'rink' in a theatre rather too many as-ifs to take in at once. However, there's little doubt that the Russians have turned the skating ballet into an aesthetic all its own." The Daily Telegraph - Sleeping Beauty on Ice

The Nutcracker on Ice in London at the Royal Albert Hall opened on 28 December 2015 and closed on 2 January 2016.