A Night in November

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Previewed 15 October 2007, Opened 22 October 2007, Closed 1 December 2007 at the Trafalgar Studios in London

Marie Jones' comedy A Night in November in London starring award-winning Irish comedian Patrick Kielty.

When Kenneth McCallister reluctantly finds himself on the terraces for a crucial Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland football match, little does he know that his humdrum life is about to change forever. Join him on his hilarious journey as he leaves Belfast, crosses the border for the first time in his life and boards a flight into the unknown. Arriving in New York for the Republic of Ireland's World Cup qualifying match he finds acceptance, friendship (and a great deal of alcohol). Suddenly he realises what it truly means to be Irish.

A Night in November is written by Marie Jones, whose previous credits include the long-running hit comedy Stones in his Pockets. A Night in November is directed by Ian McElhinney and designed by David Craig.

"Marie Jones's play tells the tale of Kenneth, a Protestant dole clerk living in Belfast in the early Nineties. Until now, this diary of a nobody has been a record of mean one-upmanship: gloating about becoming a member of the golf club that his boss, Jerry, a Catholic, will never be invited to join, treating the Catholics on the dole queue as lowlife. Then, at the 1994 World Cup qualifier between Northern Ireland and the Republic, he is suddenly ashamed to be one of the sectarians calling the opposition dirty, Pope-loving, Fenian scum. That's the overlong, oversimplified, overstated first act. This being a game of two halves, in the second, Kenneth flogs his golf clubs and buys a ticket to New York where Ireland are playing Italy in the World Cup finals. There's more to laugh at when Kenneth goes all gooey about belonging to one big happy Irish family, playing various merry Micks in emerald shorts enjoying the crack, so drunk they forget the second line of the chant, 'Ole, ole, ole'. But both the subject matter and the style feel tediously old-fashioned." The Mail on Sunday

A Night in November in London at the Trafalgar Studios previewed from 15 October 2007, opened on 22 October 2007 and closed on 1 December 2007