Michael Feinstein

Opened 13 September 2004, Closed 25 September 2004 at the Haymarket Theatre in London

Singular Sensations: Michael Feinstein in London for three weeks only.

Nominated for four Grammy Awards, Michael Feinstein has been a household name in America since the success of his 1988 one-man Broadway show, Isn't It Romantic. Gershwin's influence provided a solid base upon which Michael Feinstein has evolved into a captivating performer and composer. He has also become an unparalleled interpreter of music legends such as Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer, Duke Ellington and Harry Warren. With musical direction by John Oddo, Jamie Talbot on alto and Bobby Worth on drums.

Presented as part of the Singular Sensations Season at the Haymarket Theatre which also includes concerts by Barbara Cook, Michael Ball and Joshua Rifkin and Ida Falella.

"[Michael Feinstein's] contribution to the Haymarket's Singular Sensations cabaret season brings little in the way of good news. Feinstein remains an immaculate singer, but the sparkle and spontaneity have receded... Standing front of stage, microphone in hand, he works intensely hard at being charming, not realising that his polished lines and strained jokes are having the opposite effect... The compact jazz band assembled for the occasion, with the reliable Jamie Talbot on alto and Bobby Worth at the drums, has to make the best of some painfully unimaginative arrangements. The musical director, John Oddo, flits distractingly back and forth from the wings to Feinstein's piano stool." The Times

"He is an adept interpreter of the songs of Johnny Mercer, Rodgers and Hart and the like: his voice is at once breathy and resonant, and is agreeably light on tremolo. On slower numbers, though, there is a hint of the old stager's affliction of being too busy "interpreting" to come in on the beat at the beginning of a line. His piano-playing, too, tends towards syrupy arpeggios... Almost all the numbers in Feinstein's set come from stage or screen musicals but despite the occasional throwaway remark it is clearly the songs that he is interested in rather than the shows... On occasions like this I fall back on Miss Jean Brodie's observation: 'For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like.'" The Financial Times

Michael Feinstein in London at the Haymarket Theatre opened on 13 September 2004 and closed on 25 September 2004.