Megan Mullally and Supreme Music Program

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Opened 16 February 201, Closed 21 February 2010 at the Vaudeville Theatre in London

Megan Mullally brings her band Supreme Music Program to London for one week only.

"Why on earth doesn't she play to her strengths? Megan Mullally is a winningly flaky actress with a thin voice who is capable of sounding ethereal in a pared-down setting... But for reasons that are not entirely clear, she chooses to play the rock chick for much of the evening and ends up fighting a losing battle with her band. This is no reflection on her musicians, who are a genuinely accomplished bunch... The result is a show that lurches from a handful of confessional moments to wan country parodies and what can only be described as karaoke outtakes... Will and Grace fans may be disappointed to discover that she makes a point of not dwelling on memories of the television show. Instead, she rambles through an oddly disjointed series of anecdotes. There is something to be said for eschewing the slick patter and soul-baring of the orthodox one-woman show. Yet it is a risky option when you do not have much of a voice to fall back on." The Times

Megan Mullally in London at the Vaudeville Theatre opened on 16 February 2010 and closed on 21 February 2010.