Love Song

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Previewed 25 November 2006, Opened 4 December 2006, Closed 17 February 2007 at the Ambassadors Theatre in London

European Premiere of John Kolvenbach's new play Love Song in London starring Neve Campbell, Kristen Johnston, Michael McKean and Cillian Murphy.

Beane is an exile from life - an oddball. His well-meaning sister Joan and brother-in-law Harry try and make time for him in their busy lives, but no one can get through. Following a burglary on his apartment, Joan is baffled to find her brother blissfully happy and tries to unravel the story behind Beane's mysterious new love Molly. Funny, theatrically playful and moving, John Kolvenbach's new romantic comedy Love Song explores the infectious effects of love and the redemptive power of hope.

The cast for Love Song in London features Neve Campbell as 'Molly', two-time Emmy award-winner Kristen Johnston as 'Joan', Grammy award-winner Michael McKean as 'Harry' and Golden Globe nominee Cillian Murphy as 'Beane'. It is directed by John Crowley with set designs by Scott Pask, costume designs by Jack Galloway, lighting by Howard Harrison and sound by Paul Arditti.

"John Kolvenbach's American play is a Jungian comedy. It's about how to find yourself, re-create, mutilate, enrich yourself... The writing is crisp, tough, undogmatic, and menacingly funny. It teeters perilously on the brink of the whimsical but never tumbles over. The acting is sharp, athletic, full of robust humour and emotional intelligence. Strongly recommended, especially to those not afraid of the freedom of fantasy." The Sunday Times

"It is adroitly acted, reasonably well written and competently directed by John Crowley. It makes for a perfectly respectable night out, but, one is bound to add, it doesn't quite hit the spot... The fact that Kolvenbach's play doesn't really have a beginning, a middle or an end - or much to say about love that isn't mind-numbingly obvious - shouldn't count too heavily against it either. Love Song may not be a classic but its heart is in the right place and one got the impression that everybody did the best that they could." The Sunday Telegraph

"John Kolvenbach's play opens with Beane in a dark and dismal apartment. He looks derelict and weird and a bit like Jesus, and judging from the fact that the ceiling is dropping down and about to crush him, he's a headcase. Fortunately, his big, bossy, boozy sister Joan, has a proper job and a swanky apartment, and keeps a close eye on him. One night Beane finds a young woman in his apartment. She's another oddball, not least because she is wearing exactly the same clothes as he is. Molly calls herself a 'liberator' rather than a burglar and seems to express all the passionate anti-materialism that Beane suppresses. This encounter has a dramatic effect on Beane. Having shut everyone and everything out, he is suddenly born again, high on life and hungry for all its sensuous pleasures: his eyes burn feverishly bright; he engages waiters in profound conversations; he wants to know what his sister smells like; he tastes love and sex in every sip of water. Moreover, his condition is infectious - Joan and her husband call in sick and spend the day in bed together. Trouble is, when Joan pops round to meet Molly, she realises that she is a figment of Beane's imagination. But if fantasy makes him happy, does it matter?... There are some funny lines and moments in Kolvenbach's play... But it's not enough to persuade me that this is anything but a jumpedup sitcom with phoney delusions of theatrical grandeur." The Mail on Sunday

Kristen Johnston was taken ill on 6 December with an erupted duodenal ulcer which needed to be operated on immediately. While Kristen Johnston was away from the production, Molly Regan played the role of 'Joan'. Molly Regan played the role of 'Joan' in the world premiere of Love Song Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. Kristen Johnston was able to re-join the cast of Love Song from Monday 18 December. Love Song received its world premiere at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago earlier this year.

Love Song in London at the Ambassadors Theatre previewed from 25 November 2006, opened on 4 December 2006 and closed on 17 February 2007.