Jekyll and Hyde

Previewed 20 May 2016, Opened 25 May 2016, Closed 28 May 2016 at the Old Vic Theatre in London

Drew McOnie re-imagines Robert Louis Stevenson's sinister drama in an excitingly physical new dance production with music by Grant Olding.

Cast features Daniel Collins as 'Dr Jekyll', Tim Hodges as 'Mr Hyde', Ashley Andrews, Joao Carolino, Simon Hardwick, Carrie Taylor Johnson, Anabel Kutay, Ebony Molina, Rachel Muldoon, Freya Rowley, Alexzandra Sarmiento, Barnaby Thompson and Jason Winter. Directed and choreographed by Drew McOnie with music by Grant Olding, designs by Soutra Gilmour, lighting by Richard Howell and sound by Sebastian Frost

This dance show has been especially commissioned by the Old Vic as part of its new dance collaboration with The McOnie Company, led by Associate Artist, Drew McOnie. Drew McOnie's London credits include the acclaimed revival of the musical Bugsy Malone which played for an extended five month season at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, West London during 2015.

When this production opened here at the Old Vic Theatre in May 2016, Lyndsey Winship in The London Evening Standard explained that "director Drew McOnie is a musical theatre whizz, and this is his first major show for his own company. A clever choreographer of unstoppable energy, his dance is full of wit, zip and zest, and a lot of leg. The show is big, bright, broad and sexy. What doesn’t work is trying to create a sense of threat and horror by just pushing the volume up ever louder, rather than delving into character. But taken on its own terms, it’s a lot of fun." Debra Craine in The Times thought that "Drew McOnie's new dance thriller is a trite, trashy and tiresome affair that starts by straining our credulity and ends up simply looking ridiculous... As a choreographer he delivers energy and muscular heft, which works in small doses, but his vocabulary is so limited that it quickly becomes repetitive... It's the cast who save the evening from utter tedium. Daniel Collins is outstanding as the bespectacled, bashful Jekyll. Rachel Muldoon is perfect in every way as his gorgeously naive love interest Dahlia." Mark Monahan in The Daily Telegraph said the show "appropriates only the split-personality trope and those titular names from Stevenson's 1886 novella, jettisons everything else, and replaces it with almost nothing of any sad that Drew McOnie - clearly an able choreographer - should squander his source material so thoroughly." Zoe Anderson in The i Newspaper highlighted that "Drew McOnie’s new Jekyll and Hyde both confirms him as a strong theatrical talent, while suffering from a lack of emotional depth. This production zips along, danced with gusto by a stylish cast... making the most of his fluent steps and brisk storytelling."

"The narrative issue is one of the most pressing in dance today. Very few choreographers know how to tell a story; incoherence has become the rule, rather than the exception. In his enthralling new production of Jekyll and Hyde, the Olivier award-winning director and choreographer Drew McOnie shows us how it should be done. There is no synopsis in the programme, and no word spoken on stage, but from the moment the curtain rises we are led, with algorithmic precision, along an ever-darkening path... To copper-bottomed storytelling and thematic resonance add terrific dancing... That McOnie and company achieve such resounding results with such economy of means should serve as an object lesson to major players in the subsidised dance sector." The Observer

"Dorian Gray meets Little Shop of Horrors in Drew McOnie's inspired dance version of Stevenson's thriller... This enthralling show inhabits the 1950s: Grant Olding's score offers jazzy charm for Jekyll and electric rawness for Hyde. McOnie discards the psychological disturbance at the heart of Stevenson's novel, but his storytelling is spot-on, and he cascades a delirious stream of movement for 12 soaring dancers. He can choreograph a phone call and a flower show; hell, he can choreograph a zip. This tale of dual identity unleashes a singular talent." The Sunday Times

Jekyll and Hyde in London at the Old Vic Theatre previewed from 20 May 2016, opened on 25 May 2016 and closed on 28 May 2016.