Horrid Henry - Live and Horrid!

This show has now closed, click here for a listing of current and future London shows

Opened 21 November 2008, Closed 4 January 2009 at the Trafalgar Studios 1 in London

This Christmas, Horrid Henry takes his rightful place in the spotlight on the West End stage! Along with Mum, Dad, Perfect Peter, Moody Margaret, Rude Ralph and all your favourite characters. Only they're not going to be in the spotlight, of course, not if Henry's got anything to do with it.

And Henry's even got John Godber, author of Bouncers, Up 'n' Under, April in Paris, Teechers and many other great plays, to help make this an occasion not to be missed. Unless you're a vegetable-eating, homework-loving, smelly-nappy baby - in which case, you should stay at home!

Horrid Henry is the hero of a phenomenally popular series of books by Francesca Simon and a CITV series, which tells the story of Henry who lives with his mum and dad and his little brother Perfect Peter.

John Godber, who has adapted Horrid Henry for the stage said: "Both my children were, and still are, huge Horrid Henry fans. My younger daughter Martha still listens to Horrid Henry before she goes to sleep and has all the books at the side of her bed. They were also the books that encouraged Martha to learn to read. In fact, Martha's responsible for me becoming involved with this stage production. When we returned from holiday in January this year, she was looking at my e-mails over my shoulder and when she saw the one from Watershed Productions about Horrid Henry, she stated categorically that if I didn't do it, she would leave home immediately!"

Regarding the character of Horrid Henry, Godber states: "He's a universal character, instantly recognisable and he has a desire for self preservation which we can all relate to. There's an active, masculine 'doing' side of Henry that girls as well as boys are attracted to. The sense of humour behind them is universal - and also, Henry is always desperate to get his own way. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't - which is very healthy!"

"A child informed me that what she liked best about Horrid Henry: Live And Horrid was being allowed to eat crisps during the performance, which was more shrewd than she knew. This piece isn't bad, it just needs a bit more salt and vinegar or perhaps some cheese and onion. And the costumes could do with a good wash and some careful pressing. In John Godber's doggedly lively adaptation of Francesca Simon's stories, Horrid Henry's shrieking mother has sent the boy to his room on Christmas Day, so HH amuses himself by dreaming up what his life would be like if he were king and could do anything he liked. He would, naturally, be able to rewind and fast forward time, have his own band, The Killer Boy Rats, and score winning goals, Maradona-style. The best bit is the rewinding effect when the cast act backwards; but anyone above the age of six is likely to find the rest as witless as it is wearing." The Mail on Sunday