Eric and Little Ern

Opened 19 November 2013, Closed 2 March 2014 (Sunday afternoon performances only) at the Vaudeville Theatre in London

Ian Ashpitel and Jonty Stephens' comedy Eric and Little Ern in London is an affectionate homage to the legendary double act Morecambe and Wise and features original material written by Eddie Braben.

Recreating some of the finest moments of Eric and Ernie's television and stage performances, devised and performed by Jonty Stephens as 'Eric Morecambe' and Ian Ashpitel as 'Ernie Wise'. This production comes into London's West End for a strictly limited season following the show's sell-out premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Directed by Owen Lewis, with designs by Simon Scullion and lighting by Tim Mascall. Please note recommended for ages 12 plus.

"Eric and Little Ern, a two-handed play cum compendium of routines devised by its uncanny performers, Ian Ashpitel and Jonty Stephens... It's a series of refurbished routines from their television series cut with some biographical information about their lives, their wives, their heart attacks. Impressively, they nab the duo's affection for each other as well as their contrasting tics. Its greatest advantage — so much prime old material — is also its biggest limitation; it never entirely takes on a life of its own. It's an expertly executed tribute show: no more, no less." The Times

"Bringing a little sunshine to festival-goers, the legendary comedy duo Morecambe and Wise are back from behind their famous red curtains. Well, almost, but you would be forgiven for doing a double-take when you see these doppelgangers. The pair have been resurrected in the shape of Jonty Stephens (Eric) and Ian Ashpitel (Ernie) who are keeping the Edinburgh Fringe amused with their impersonation. Their show is a homage to the lovable couple who were the biggest stars on British TV in their heyday in the 1970s until Eric’s death in 1984. Not only do they look like them, they sound like them and have their mannerisms off pat too. The act weaves in biographical details about Morecambe and Wise among some of their classic gags." The Daily Express

"If you're going to reincarnate Morecambe and Wise, you'd better look like them, sound like them and convince as them or you're going to dishonour arguably the best loved, most fondly remembered double act of the post-war period. Against the odds, co-performers and co-devisers Jonty Stephens and Ian Ashpitel have got the duo's mannerisms down pat to such a winning extent that you go from wary reserve to misty-eyed reluctance to let them leave the stage as they skip off to the sound of Bring Me Sunshine. Some of the biographical snippets are woven in with little finesse, as the pair reminisce about early days. But when the gags come thick and fast, the show creates such a constant glow of pleasure, its rudimentary nature is beside the point. You could watch this for hours." The Sunday Telegraph

Eric and Little Ern in London at the Vaudeville Theatre opened on 19 November 2013 and closed 2 March 2014 - played Sunday afternoons only.