The Elephantom

Previewed 30 June 2014, Opened 2 July 2014, Closed 6 September 2014 at the New London Theatre

Live on stage - the National Theatre's acclaimed production of Ross Collins' The Elephantom in London adapted by Ben Power - special daytime performances.

We have an Elephantom. He turned up on a Tuesday, just after tea-time... At first, the little girl is thrilled to have a ghost-elephant living in her house. He makes life so much more fun! But Elephantoms are a bit too big for houses and before long, he's causing a lot of trouble. The story of one little girl and her larger-than-life friend is set to get very messy indeed!

This adaptation of Ross Collins' picture book about the little girl who is unexpectedly visited by a big blue elephant, is the perfect summer treat for all the family. An intriguing story that fuels the imagination and touches the heart with a wonderfully inventive mix of puppetry, movement, dance, music - and theatrical ingenuity. Suitable for everyone 3 years and over.

Co-directed by Finn Caldwell and Toby Oliť with puppet designs by Toby Oliť, designs by Samuel Wyer, lighting by Matt Daw, music by Adam Pleeth and sound by Alma Kelliher. This production comes to the New London Theatre following a sell-out season at the National Theatre's Shed Theatre where it played a Christmas season from December 2013 to January 2014.

When this production originally opened at the Nationl Theatre Dominic Maxwell in the Times wrote that "it mixes the everyday with the cheerfully macabre with unforgettable skill... but full of fun too." Lyn Gardner in the Guardian described how "the final third is a wild rumpus full of wit, cheek and farts as the air-filled elephants take over the stage and misbehave... There's lots of lovely detail in a show that eventually reveals a big heart and an even bigger imagination." In the Financial Times Sarah Hemming highlighted that "this charming, small-scale show based on Ross Collins' book for small children" adding that the Elephantom "soon wins everyone round with his mischievous behaviour... mixing a delicate, ethereal magic with earthy gags about farting, mess and smells." Fiona Mountford in the London Evening Standard said that it "is a delight for kids and adults alike" and Dominic Cavendish in the Daily Telegraph thought that the National is "on to a little winner with The Elephantom, which converts an imaginatively illustrated children's book by Ross Collins into an hour of near-wordless, puppet-permeated enchantment." In the Daily Mail Patrick Marmion commented: "Ben Power's adaptation of Ross Collins's picture book about the little girl who is unexpectedly visited by a big blue elephant is an unalloyed delight... a sweet story with a big, elephant-sized heart."

"In the hoofprints of the spectacular War Horse comes more animal magic from the National Theatre, on a smaller, more domestic scale. It's a wordless musical adaptation of Ross Collins's enchanting story about a phantom elephant who appears in a little girl's life. The elephant in the room - to speak figuratively - is the child's loneliness... At first, the Elephantom's great fun, drinking all the girl's juice and making her giggle. He becomes increasingly boisterous, steals her crisps, hoovers up the tablecloth, treats her bed as a trampoline, and brings his friends around to party... Mum and Dad get stressy about the mess and hold their noses. Then Granny turns ghostbuster, taking the little girl off to 'Spectral and Son', purveyors of fantastical solutions - a ghost mouse, no less - and, in the end, good old Granny, who believes in ghosts and magic, becomes the special friend every little girl needs. This is the stuff of dreams and of nightmares, explored with balance and performed with terrific buoyancy. Sound those trumpets." The Mail on Sunday

"Ross Collins's picture book runs with the idea of an elephant in the room - a girl is plagued by an elephantom that steals snacks, disrupts nights, messes up schoolwork and has pals round to party, but her preoccupied parents cannot see it. There are wonderful aspects to Ben Power's adaptation: that quite so much can be conveyed by a crack troupe of physical actors wordlessly; the superb musicianship of Adam Pleeth; Samuel Wyer's Delicatessen-ish design; and the soaring inventiveness of the elephantom puppets, built from what look like inflatable mattresses." The Sunday Times

The Elephantom in London at the New London Theatre previewed from 30 June 2014, opened on 2 July 2014 and closed on 6 September 2014.