Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure Reloaded

Previewed 19 January 2016, Opened 20 January 2016, Closed 17 February 2016 at the Palace Theatre in London

Following a three-year, four-language, 28-country tour of the globe, Eddie Izzard brings his new stand up show Force Majeure Reloaded to London for a strictly limited four week season.

Force Majeure Reloaded Eddie Izzard in London at the Palace Theatre previewed from 19 January 2016, opened on 20 January 2016 and closed on 17 February 2016.

Eddie Izzard 2008: Stripped

Previewed 17 November 2008, Opened 20 November 2008, Closed 23 December 2008 at the Lyric Theatre in London

Following Eddie Izzard's sell-out tour across 34 cities in the US, he returns to London's West End with a strictly limited run of his new show 'Stripped'.

"Eddie Izzard has reclaimed his crown as the most poised comedian in Britain. There was a time, earlier this decade, when the cross dressing comedian from Bexhill had turned into a parody of himself, mainlining on ahs and oohs while running dry on the glorious imaginings that fuelled his first flush of success. Now, starting a West End run that sold out in seconds, Izzard is trim and focused once again... Moments of pure Izzardian delight - a superb set piece about the finickitiness of Latin; a brief but brilliant depiction of life on inhospitable Mercury, digs at cake mix and BlackBerries and the Roman Empire. It plays like the observations of a stupendously creative man seeing the world primarily through the internet, through books and films and gadgets. It's charming, it's charismatic, it's accomplished. But it lacks bite." The Times

"Much of the comedy aired today, from Little Britain to Mock the Week, strikes me as being every bit as unpleasant as that provided by such bogeymen from the past as Bernard Manning and Jim Davidson. There's a testosterone-fuelled ugliness about it, and a desire to wound. Thank heavens, then, for the return of Eddie Izzard, back in the West End where he made his debut 15 years ago. I fell under his surreal spell then, and he seems to me to be one of the comedy greats, a modern stand-up who can bear comparison with such giants as Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper and Ken Dodd... For more than two delirious hours Izzard invites his audience to inhabit the inside of his own weird and endlessly inventive brain. It's a wonderful place to be and left me physically helpless with laughter." The Daily Telegraph

"Old comedy hands insist that everyone should see veteran funnyman Ken Dodd live at least once in their lifetimes. I agree - and the same should be said of the great Izzard. No disrespect to Dodd, but I rate this fast-as-the-speed-of-light, off-the wall thinker as the funniest stand-up I've ever seen. And although he uses the F-word a little too liberally, Izzard's material is smut-free - other comedians please note - and, on the surface, as simple as Simon... But don't rush to see him this time - the season's a sell-out." The Sun

Eddie Izzard in London at the Lyric Theatre previewed from 17 November 2008, opened on 20 November 2008 and closed on 23 December 2008.