Dylan Moran

Opened 26 October 2009, Closed 5 December 2009 at the Apollo Theatre in London

Following a sell-out UK tour Dylan Moran returns to the West End stage for a strictly limited six week season at the Apollo Theatre with his show Dylan Moran: What It Is

Dylan Moran sees through the joys and disappointments of human existence with the sensibility and intense perception of a man teetering on the edge. He chews life up and coughs it out. Dylan Moran's legendary stand up rants have sold out across the world cementing this unkempt wordsmith's reputation as one of the foremost comics of his generation. PLEASE NOTE: Dylan Moran: What It Is is suitable for ages 14 plus.

"It's now 13 years since a tender Dylan Moran won the Perrier Award For Comedy, and it's a blessing that, aside from three series of his Bafta-winning Black Books sitcom for Channel 4 and a handful of film roles, the Irishman has remained true to his calling. So many gifted comics fall by a wayside littered with panel shows and half-baked television projects that it's a pleasure to find Moran still doing what he does best: railing against the world and all its maddening idiocies. As he traipses on stage for Dylan Moran: What It Is, swilling a glass of white, we're treated to a few minutes of his trademark blathering. 'So, yes, I was ... well, yeah... we've all done that,' he mutters. .Sure, there's something of Dave Allen in him, with his glass in one hand and a bilious world-view on his tongue, but there's also an affinity with Samuel Beckett lurking within his absurdist black humour. Above all, Moran cherishes language, and his flow of lyrical invective can at times be mesmeric." The Mail on Sunday

"When I first saw this show a year ago, it was a bright, beguiling but faltering attempt to look at finding meaning in a godless universe. On Friday, in the first of its six weeks in the West End, it didn't falter for a moment. This is stand-up comedy of the first order. Moran takes his atheism as a question, not an answer. If religion is just there to shield us from death, as he reckons, how do we protect ourselves without that shield? Have relationships? Get hobbies? Worship the iPhone? He mixes a philosopher's yen for meaning with a hedonist's yen for meaningless fun in a comic approach that's both intellectual and base, both innocent and irritable... Moran can be heartfelt and ironic, genuine and putting it on. He demolishes nostalgia in a few choice words, and then summons up a bygone world where men smoked pipes and women cried at their dressing tables, a world where everyone knew what adulthood consisted of. It's absurd. He doesn't mean it. He kind of means it... Seriously good fun." The Times

Dylan Moran in London at the Apollo Theatre opened on 26 October 2009 and closed on 5 December 2009

Dylan Moran: Monster II

Opened 1 November 2004, Closed 13 November 2004 at the Wyndham's Theatre

Perrier Award Winner and stand-up comedian Dylan Moran brings his show Monster II to London for two weeks only, following a one week sell out season at London's Palace Theatre earlier this year.

Dylan Moran is the star of BAFTA award winning television series Black Books and the hit movie Shaun of the Dead. Described by the Evening News as the "Oscar Wilde of stand-up", this is a unique opportunity to see Dylan at his best in a show where he returns to his comic roots.