Doktor Glas

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Previewed 16 April 2013, Opened 18 April 2013, Closed 11 May 2013 at the Wyndham's Theatre in London

A major stage production of Hjalmer Söderberg's Doktor Glas in London starring Krister Henriksson and directed by Peder Bjurman and Krister Henriksson.

Doktor Glas tells the story of a 19th century physician who falls madly in love with the beautiful young wife of a corrupt clergyman. When she confides in him that her marriage is making her miserable, he agrees to help in whatever way he can. Soon Doktor Glas finds himself torn between his passion and his morality, and drives the play towards its shocking climax.

The cast features Krister Henriksson, who is best know for playing the the title role of 'Wallander' in Henning Mankell's widely praised Swedish TV series. This stage adaptation by Allan Edwall of Hjalmer Soderberg's classic novel comes to London following an acclaimed run at the National Theatre in Sweden.

PLEASE NOTE: This production is performed in Swedish with English surtitles.

"It's in Swedish, with surtitles. It's a 90-minute monologue about a depressed doctor. It was a 1905 novel by Hjalmar Söderberg, not a play at all until Krister Henriksson decided to perform it. It has to be the most unlikely West End import of the year, even given the following wind of our craze for Scandi-noir TV crime (I blame the weather) and the fact that Henriksson is the hit detective Wallander. It is unforgettable, unsettling, and very good indeed." The Times

"Making his West End debut, Krister Henriksson plays a doctor treating the young wife of an over-sexed pastor she physically loathes... She wants, instead, to concentrate on her affair with another man. The doctor, smitten with her, comes up with a murderous plan. Henriksson is a fine actor, holding back nothing in this tale based on a 1905 novel by Hjalmar Soderberg. But why does he need a microphone glued to his cheekbone? And why can't he use English to avoid us craning to read the translation above the set? The story ends with Lou Reed's Perfect Day, presumably to lighten the mood after 90 minutes of Scandinavian sex and doom." The Mail on Sunday

"In Sweden, where Doktor Glas transferred to the National Theatre after a sell-out tour, the pairing of admired actor and beloved text was an alluring combination... The transfer from Stockholm to the West End is a bold leap: performing in Swedish, Krister Henriksson must hold his audience with an expressiveness detached from verbal meaning, while hoping that we can pick up the gist of the story from the surtitles that flicker along the proscenium and backdrop. In the circumstances, the decision to use a microphone is odd; the small but strangely obtrusive contraption glitters nastily in Linus Fellbom's virtuoso lighting, spoils the line of Henriksson's beautifully mobile face, and jars with director Peder Bjurman's elegantly claustrophobic set design... [Henriksson's] Doktor Glas is the embodiment of thwarted desire and self-control strained to its utmost limits. His pacing is exquisite - a series of crises of longing and revulsion, punctuated by moments of black comedy, which culminate in an eerily calm conclusion - ruined by the show's other inexplicable false note, a blast of Lou Reed's Perfect Day." The Daily Telegraph

Doktor Glas in London at the Wyndham's Theatre previewed from 16 April 2013, opened on 18 April 2013 and closed on 11 May 2013.