Cyberjam the Show

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Previewed 4 September 2003, Opened 23 September 2003, Closed 3 January 2004 at the Queen's Theatre in London

The Tony and Emmy award-winning creative team of Blast pushes the boundaries of music performance into the 21st century with Cyberjam, a spectacular fusion of music, dance and technology at The Queen's Theatre.

Cyberjam explores the universal language of music with jazz, pop and the classics, translated into dimensions of shape and colour. Innovative and cutting edge, Cyberjam sparks the imagination and brands this new performance genre into the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.

"If your idea of fun is sitting in the dark listening to Radio 2-style music while watching a bunch of high-school kids go through their gym routines, then Cyberjam is for you... Cyberjam is clearly an attempt to jump on the Stomp! bandwagon (it even includes some not particularly exciting drumming), but it has none of that show's invention, infectious sense of rhythm or joie de vivre. Some of the musicians are very talented (at playing their instruments and wiggling their bottoms), but this format only demonstrates the limitations of music performance in the theatre rather than exploring its real dramatic potential." The Guardian

"The team behind this American jazz-pop pageant are out to prove a simple point: the world may be awash with state-of-the-art, multimedia entertainment, but there really is no substitute for the kick-in-the-pants vitality of live music... With its modest array of geometric figures and flashing lights, the set is functional at best. The musicianship, though, is enthralling. Trumpets sway, drums hurtle across the stage, clarinets execute nimble dance steps and even the lumbering tubas acquire a sprinkling of pixie dust... The performers all carry it off with enormous zest and professionalism. Music teachers take note: one sure way to win over teenagers to playing a wind instrument would be to bring them to see these players in full flow. Cyberjam is a winner in that respect. The nagging thought remains that the spectacle would be a lot more compelling in a Main Street parade." The Times

"Cyberjam offers a frequently bizarre and mostly pointless marriage of some polished jazz marching arrangements of compositions by the likes of Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis and Queen that are performed while simultaneously leaping on and off mini-trampolines or being suspended mid-air in transparent baubles. The result sometimes feels like a psychedelic dreamscape conjured up by someone who's been on too many hard drugs. But the energetic 36-strong cast of eager and attractive young musicians, dancers and baton-throwers look far too wholesome to have been near anything stronger than aspirin." The Sunday Express

Cyberjam in London at the Queen's Theatre previewed from 4 September 2003, opened on 23 September 2003 and closed on 3 January 2004.