Camut Band: Life is Rhythm

This show has now closed, click here for a listing of current and future London shows

Opened 6 October 2003, closed 22 October 2003 at the Lyric Theatre in London

Life is Rhythm is a show by Camut Band which mixes African percussion, tap dance, voice and sand dance. For more than an hour, five performers play with their roles, exchange their abilities and mix their rhythms to achieve a surprising performance which is original, fresh and so full of energy that it makes the audience want to get up and dance, seduced by the magic of what is happening on the stage.

"Had I wandered past the Camut Band drumming their extraordinary stuff, Life Is Rhythm, in an urban piazza, I certainly would have stopped. I might even have lingered; without doubt I would have marvelled at their astonishing tapdancing and percussion skills, and I'd like to think that I would have been generous when they passed the hat round. The full monty, running at 90 minutes and costing up to 35, is a different matter altogether... They dance at a fantastic pace - Fred Astaire on fast-forward might just catch up - and also in slow-motion, equally skilled and quite funny, despite the daft expressions. There's fun to be had in their efforts to get the audience to clap along, mainly because it appears that your average person finds it difficult to clap exactly six times and finds it absolutely impossible to count accurately in the dark. It's amusing - up to a point." The Mail on Sunday

Camut Band in London at the Lyric Theatre opened on 6 October 2003 and closed on 22 October 2003