The Caesar Twins and Friends

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Previewed 23 January 2006, Opened 25 January 2006, Closed 11 February 2006 at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London

The Caesar Twins bring their amazing acrobat show to London for a strictly limited three week season that promises a jawdropping combination of acrobatic artistry and cabaret.

The Caesar Twins - Pablo and Pierre Caesar - have performed to critical and audience acclaim for the last two years at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as part of La Clique and with their own show The Caesar Twins and Friends. They have also performed last year at The National Theatre as part of the NT's annual summer outdoor event and at this year's Brighton Fringe Festival. They where one of the featured performers at this year's Royal Variety Performance, staged in front of The Queen at The Wales Millennium Centre and broadcast on television. This production is directed by Markus Pabst.

"Acrobats in this country have long been saddled with a tacky, end-of-the-pier image. But, like Cirque du Soleil, this dynamic duo are attempting to lift their craft above the stratum of the terminally naff into something more resonant and artistic... Some of it veers into the seriously pretentious. I could easily live without the portentous voiceover about the Greek mythological twins, Castor and Pollux. Much of the show, though, possesses an aching beauty... They have drawn on circus skills, silent movies, computer games and slapstick comedy to create an engaging, often surprisingly funny show." The Independent

"One of the appealing things about this extraordinarily photogenic and focused Polish duo is that you actually believe they are performing from their hearts as well as with their perfectly trim, toned bodies... Some of their gracefully controlled routines possess a sculptural sensuality, and others a puckish sense of humour. Their feats of strength are impressive... The finale, with the Caesars turning into human goldfish inside a vast transparent bowl, was strangely underwhelming and the contribution of their friends, a musician and a vocalising aerialist, negligible. But the boys themselves are good value." The Times

"The Caesar Twins are the kind of guys you expect to find in a James Bond movie. Lithe, tanned, acrobatic little platinum- blonde bombshells, they grin in the face of extreme peril... Watching their best work in live performance is more thrilling than any film could make them. But they seem ambivalent. Are they just circus entertainers, or are they seriously expressive artists? At their cheapest, they are just Fringe-level teases who market their own sexiness as a ploy. .. Several of their stunts become so coherently lyrical that they're ravishing... Sometimes they're marvellous just in terms of circus excitement." The Financial Times

The Caesar Twins in London at the Harold Pinter Theatre previewed from 23 January 2006, opened on 25 January 2006 and closed on 11 February 2006.