Burn the Floor

Previewed 21 July 2010, Opened 26 July 2010, Closed 4 September 2010 at the Shaftesbury Theatre
Returned Previewed 6 March 2013, Opened 11 March 2013, Closed on 30 June 2013 at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London

The international dance sensation Burn the Floor in London starring Robin Windsor and Kristina Rihanoff with special guest Karen Hauer.

Live on stage, feel all the passion, the drama and the sizzling excitement of a company of gorgeous champion dancers, in a true theatrical experience. From Harlem's hot nights at The Savoy, where dances such as the Lindy, Foxtrot and Charleston were born, to the Latin Quarter where the Cha-Cha, Rumba and Salsa steamed up the stage, Burn the Floor takes audiences on a journey through the passionate drama of dance. The elegance of the Viennese Waltz, the exuberance of the Jive, the intensity of the Paso Doble - audiences will experience them all, as well as the Tango, Samba, Mambo, Quickstep and Swing.

Burn the Floor - it's Ballroom... Reinvented.

Since 1999 Burn the Floor has thrilled audiences around the world, including a record-breaking run in New York. Now the show returns to the Shaftesbury Theatre in London's West End where it played a six week season in summer 2010. For the 2012 season, the show stars Robin Windsor and Kristina Rihanoff along with special guest Karen Hauer (from BBC's Strictly Come Dancing). The show, which is directed and choreographed by former World Champion Latin and Ballroom dancer, Jason Gilkison, also features two sensational singers and a live band plus a full company of world class dancers.

"This heavily Latin-flavoured, high-octane ballroom dance spectacle has come a long way since its 1999 premiere in Bournemouth. It was conceived as a splashy production scaled to fill arena-sized spaces. Several personnel changes, creative overhauls and world tours later, including a recent stint on Broadway that drew rave reviews, and here it is in the West End ready to claim status as the summer's hottest dance ticket. Choreographed and directed by Jason Gilkison, Burn the Floor is like a kind of plotless, theatricalised kinetic flamethrower manipulated by a cast of nearly two dozen international championship dancers whose rapacious energy could easily reduce this theatre to ashes. They dance like maniacs, fully earning their standing ovation... Almost everything that these slithery, speedy party animals do is set in a torrid zone. Rebecca Tapia and Ricky Rojas, both attractive singers, take turns adding vocal kicks to what adds up to an unabashedly commercial sensation." The Times (2010)

"It begins with the promise of a hot night in Havana. A girl dressed in black saunters through the audience, picking out dance partners at random. Spotlights snap on to more dancers as they thread their way through the auditorium. Sex hovers in the air like incense. Judging by the rhythms hammered out by the two drummers on stage this is going to be a largely Latin evening with a little bit of trad ballroom thrown in. So it is. The blistering speed of the dancers as they zip through swing, jive, lindy, cha cha, samba, rumba and all other dances ending in 'a' is impressive. The lighting is slick, illuminating bare-chested boys and navel-flaunting, hair-swinging girls. Athletic, poised, buffed to the max they are the living embodiment of healthy-eating, gym'll-fix-it youth. Backed by excellent musicians augmented by recorded music and a brace of strong singers the dancers propel themselves through the show. The routines are brief, the array is bewildering as if we had wandered into a speeded-up version of The Mocambo or a Mecca ballroom." The Express (2010)

Burn the Floor in London at the Shaftesbury Theatre previewed from 21 July 2010, opened on 26 July 2010 and closed on 4 September 2010, returned with previews from 6 March 2013, opening on 11 March 2013 and closed on 30 June 2013.